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【Commencement 2011】 Footprint: Chen Long

JUN . 27 2011

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"Commencement 2011," a special edition of Peking University News for the annual commencement season at PKU: Graduates behind PKU News.





Chen Long



Class of 2011


Yuanpei College, Peking University



Joined PKU News:  April 2010


To be a master's candidate at the PKU School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science starting from September 2011



A Collection of Chen Long's Works at PKU News




Xiehou Meili  (Beauty encountered; Composer: Xu Mingjian '11)




It was one and a half years ago that I joined PKU News at the beginning of a very stressful semester of the third year in college. I can still remember the initial motive: to keep practicing English after having finished all the English courses. There are tough times working on the translations: a long article to develop within limited time; too many special terms to check out online; to find appropriate ways and phrases to break down a long Chinese sentence with a lot of modifiers... Yet when you get through the difficult process and finally see your work published online, you are replete with joys.


I certainly learned a lot and have improved my writing skills week in and week out through training, practicing and learning from my peers. However, I wish I had more free time to devote more to PKU News so I could have achieved more today, like being more of a reporter than of a translator. Just as a saying goes, the more you put in, the more you reap.


Seeing PKU News keep getting better and better and become more accessible to the public recently, I am so proud that I am part of it and wish to do more. PKU News - the window to Beida: Wish you a bright future and hopefully I can be alongside with you in another three years to come!



My name is Chen Long. I am a senior at the PKU Yuanpei College majoring in electronics engineering and economics. I am about to graduate yet will spend another three years here at PKU to pursue a master's degree. I have a lot of passion for tennis and English, and I am in the school tennis team. I enjoy doing volunteer work as well. I used to be a volunteer for the Beijing Olympic Games in the Bird's Nest and for the 2010 China Open. I have an English name, Michael. Interestingly, there are a lot of celebrities who are also named Michael, like Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. I hope one day I can be equally successful.