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Slam dunk

APR . 05 2011

Peking University, Apr. 4, 2011: “Every match has crowds of spectators. Every team has 12 to 13 members at hands who are more or less at the same level. Many close matches are determined by a single shot,” A referee of five years for the PKU Cup once expected. Now as spring comes, basketball aficionados at Peking University are to fulfill those expectations.

The Wu-si Sports Center saw the opening of the Men’s Basketball Championship (Level A) of the PKU Cup on March 21. PKU’s basketball enthusiasts truly exerted themselves for glory in the spotlight. During the first week, 12 teams played over 10 fast paced games -- several so fierce that victory hinged on just a few points. In the opening match, a rematch of the 2008 final, a team from the Law School took revenge on a team from the School of Economics 38-33; another head-to-head battle was held between two teams with shining stars, defending champion from the Guanghua School of Management (GSM) and a challenger from the School of International Studies (SIS); the former eventually came out on top by six points.


A rare 3-OT match: SP vs. SMS

Among the 12 matches of the first week, the closest was between SP of the School of Physics, a top four last year, and SMS, from the School of Mathematical Science, which was determined stunningly by three overtimes.


SMS had a strong start, scoring a number of points with a string of drives and jump shots, leading by 10 points at the end of the first half. In the second half, however, SP stepped up their defense, while their opponents suffered from errors. As for offense, the SP team stuck with a drive strategy, evening the count with quick breaks and free throws. With less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, SP led by 27-26, but an SMS free throw took the match into overtime.


With four points scored by each side, the match was dragged into a second OT. The SP team applied an aggressive defense tactic again and succeeded in scoring with steals and fast breaks. In the last 10 seconds of the second overtime, with SMS behind by two points, SMS captain (#99) drew a foul. In the end, the same center stood out for SMS: he managed to score two points despite double-teaming and extended the match to a third OT. More experienced SP took control in the final period, seizing victory 46-44.


The last time a 3-OT match appeared was April 18, 2008, during which the SP team suffered a bitter loss short two points against a team from the School of Government. They’ve learned their lesson, and enjoy the last laugh this time.



Grand Finale: SIS vs. SFL

The Grand Finale of the first week was between a team from the School of International Studies (SIS) and a new face, the team from the School of Foreign Languages (SFL), who reached Level A as the runner-up in last year’s final of Level B. A couple of records were made in this match.


The match became the performance of the former team as the second quarter began. No. 5 scored three 3-point shots complemented by a fantastic 2+1 shot, leading his team to a climax of attacks. Thanks to his precise 3-point shot, he scored a total of 14 points in this quarter and had already scored 20 points by the end of the first half. The performance continued as this player scored two 3-point shots in each quarter of the second half. In the end the team from the School of International Studies enjoyed a big win, 59-38, including nine 3-point shots, eight of which came from No. 5. He became the player who scored the most points in a single match so far while matching the record for 3-point shots in a single match.


Off the court
A referee stands for the justice of a ballgame. It takes not only good mastery of basketball knowledge but also fitness and an ability to take control to become a decent referee.


The basketball party never lacks fans. A fan from SFL shot video for her team for every match they played. The Law School team’s thunderous cheering squad was also an impressive weapon. of the team was victorious in both matches they played this week.


The Basketball Championship of the PKU Cup is one of several traditional basketball tournaments at Peking University. It involves all schools and departments, including undergraduates, graduates, international students as well as exchange students. In the second half of each academic year, the top 12 teams attend Level-A championship games. After the first semester, the four teams from the Level A bracket with the worst performance are demoted to the Level B bracket, while the top four teams from the Level-B bracket are promoted in their place.



Translated by: Chen Long
Edited by: Jacques
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