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Chinese Music Instrument Society performs in the Embassy of Ukraine in China

JUN . 08 2012


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Peking University, June 1, 2012: Invited by China Association for Children’s Arts (CACA), Chinese Music Instrument Society of Peking University (PKU) attended the awarding ceremony of the Ukrainian Ambassador’s Awards in the Embassy of Ukraine in China on June 1 and performed with traditional Chinese music instruments.


In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Ukrainian-Chinese diplomatic relations, China Children’s Art Exhibition was jointly held by the Embassy of Ukraine in China and CACA in May, through which they hope to consolidate Ukrainian-Chinese friendship and promote bilateral culture and art interaction among the young.


Upon International Children’s Day, Yuriy Kostenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to China, appreciated a number of young Chinese talents, who participated in Children’s Art Exhibition. Some of their best paintings achieved high estimation of experts and local community. For their achievements they received the Certificates of Honor and the Ukrainian Ambassador’s Awards.


During the awarding ceremony, the students from PKU Chinese Music Instrument Society played many classic soviet folk songs such as The Outskirts of Moscow Night and Moon in the Sky, as well as classic traditional Chinese music such as Jasmine Flower and Horse Racing, with traditional Chinese music instruments including flute, dulcimer, Erhu, Ruan and Pipa. To celebrate International Children’s Holiday, they also played some poplar children’s songs like the theme song of The Smurfs.


Yuriy Kostenko spoke highly of the performance and welcomed the students to come back to perform in the Embassy often.


students from PKU Chinese Music Instrument Society with Yuriy Kostenko (middle)




Renowned personalities and talented young artists of China awarded in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and China



Written by: Li Yang
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)