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“2012 Sunshine Charity Concert” held at PKU

JUN . 06 2012

Peking University, May 29, 2012: On the evening of May 27, “Ten Years Gratitude––2012 Sunshine Charity Concert”, jointly organized by PKU Sunshine Volunteers Association, Beijing New Sunshine Charity Fund and PLA (People’s Liberation Army) band, was held at PKU hall.


A short video started the concert, showing the development of the Sunshine Volunteers Association for the last decade and the establishment of Beijing New Sunshine Charity Fund. After the retrospective video, the PLA band gave the audience a fabulous musical performance, including Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 of “the Lord Ring” and “Henry V” and other classical pieces.


In the middle of the concert, Liu Zhengshen, founder of the Sunshine Volunteers Association, was invited to the front stage and made an impressive speech on the arduous process of the Association’s foundation and its work in the last year.


The band played more pieces “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and “Walking in the shade of trees” etc in the following session.With all lights off, children from the chorus band holding candles approached to the stage, singing “The Same Song” all together, which pushed the concert into a climax.  Liu then told a story between a child patient family with leukemia and its volunteer, Zhou Yihui, which touched all audience.The concert embraced two themes, charity and music. Sunshine Volunteers Association enjoyed great popularity from both inside and outside the university. This concert would promote a further recognition of and support  for fighting-leukemia from the public.


Written by: Dong Zhiyao
Edited by: Yan Binghan, Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)