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PKU women’s basketball team crowned as national champion of CUBS

JUN . 14 2012

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Peking University, May 22, 2012: The 7th China University Basketball Super-league (CUBS) women’s national final was held in Peking University (PKU) Gymnasium on May 20. PKU women’s basketball team defeated the team from Beijing Normal University (BNU) by 76-64 to claim the title of the championship for the first time ever in history.


The two finalists played their first round match of the final at Dalian University of Technology on May 14. In what was an exciting flame war, PKU team edged out BNU team 77-74, thanks to constant performance of free throw at critical moments. PKU team took the lead in the best of three matches, which meant they had two chances to close out the final.


At the beginning of the second round match, with a starting line-up combined with old and new members, PKU team played to their strength at a quick tempo, pressuring their opponents from both inside and outside, leading to an opening of 11-0 over BNU team and a commanding 18-6 finish at the end of the first quarter. However, in the second quarter, BNU team started to fight back, narrowing the gap to 6 points with all their best players on the court.


In the second half, things were getting more exciting. Two veteran players on PKU team, No. 77 Hu Yidan and No. 14 Hua Lin showed their core value by scoring 17 points combined, which put PKU team in a 57-43 lead by the end of the third quarter. But in the fourth quarter, tiredness and lack of experience started dragging PKU team back whereas the desperate BNU team scored consecutively, closing the gap to just 3 points. When it really mattered, PKU player No. 23 Wang Lili stepped forward by scoring two three-pointers, quenching the hope of BNU team.


The final score was set at 76-64, throwing PKU players in cheers and yells as they just won their first national championship in the team history. Afterwards, they bowed to the audience showing their gratitude, and threw flowers into the air with excitement in the awarding ceremony.


during the match (PKU team in white)

immersed in the joy of victory


Indeed, it was a hard and painful journey to the championship. In the last four years, PKU women’s basketball team has confronted the same opponent for four times, and finally this time, the story had a different ending. In spite of defeats, injuries and changes in team members, the team never gave up the will to win the game. The championship is a sweet reward for them and their coach Ma Zongqing, who has devoted himself to the cause in the past nine years. The bright future is just unfolding for this promising team.



Written by: Fang Runiu
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)