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The flowing songs of the years past

MAY . 20 2012

Peking University, May 4, 2012: Along with the arrival of the graduation season in the new year of 2012, the concert organized by the new graduates of Peking University (PKU) staged at PKU Hall on April 26.


The whole concert revealed a strong feeling of campus and focused on a series stories which took place around the students. The music embodied with the words like "warmth, time, art, vision, youth, confuse and fun", while the forever theme of the university life is energy. 


The concert began with the song Olive Tree, drawing the audience back into the memories of the beautiful campus life, followed by a Japanese song The Declaration of a Man. And Glass Woman was dedicated to the pure love of campus.


The excitement mounted up came after the first half. MR.MISS, a famous singing group of two graduates, adapted Zhang Yadong's works to a brand jazz.





Different from the “ordinary” concerts before, this concert was organized entirely by the students around the campus, showing a new angle of the college life. The concert brought back the memories of all the students in those wonderful and memorable years.


Written by: Feng Jiayang

Edited by: Arthars

Source: PKU Hall