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The 11th PKU Debate Competition rings down the curtain

MAY . 19 2012

Peking University, Apr. 14, 2012: The final match of the 11th Peking University (PKU) Debate Competition (“Beidazhifeng” in Chinese), as well as the All-star Competition, was held at the PKU Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center on April 7.


Debaters from the School of Foreign Languages and the School of Life Sciences debated on “whether the language can totally express any meaning or not”, coming up with various examples (from chemistry experiments and mathematical definitions to famous paintings and folk songs) to illustrate their respective contents.


As a result, the School of Life Sciences won the championship, with their member Zhang Ruohong as the Best Debater.



The winners from the School of Life Sciences


Before the final match was the All-star Competition. PKU stars chosen from different departmental teams presented a wonderful match with their counterparts from Renmin University of China, focusing on the interesting topic “the affections between debaters”.


Written by: Gao Hongfei

Edited by: Arthars

Source: PKU News (Chinese)