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The finale of PKU Juxing, the carnival of student artists

MAY . 19 2012

Peking University, May 19, 2012: The final match of the 2011-2012 Peking University (PKU) Juxing Drama Competition kicked off at PKU Hall on May 9, 2012.


As PKU’s brand competition with a history of seven years, this year’s Drama Competition attracted famous judges and powerful support as well, including Zha Mingzhe (Vice president of National Theatre Company of China), Yang Qing (National Class-A Actress) and Shi Hang (famous screenwriter and planner).


Four teams, standing out from all the 22 talented teams, competed on the final stage and realized their drama dreams.


Youth Taboo Game, adapted and abridged from the former Soviet Union’s drama of the same name, tells a story that four students torment the teacher by all means in order to get the math papers. In the end, the teacher gives out the papers and dies for her principles and dignity, and the students all scar.




Youth Taboo Game


To confess or not to confess, that is a problem.” The Death of a Behaviorist narrates a humorous love experience of the behaviorist Xiao Ming. He has three chances to deal differently with his love with Xiao Wei, only to find himself tricked by the irony of fate every time. Laughter continued from the beginning to the end of the drama.




The Death of a Behaviorist


Yet in another group’s eyes, the perfect love does not exist in the world, so people are not supposed to demand too much in love affairs. In this way, Perfect illustrates the theme more practically








In Senior, PKU senior girls reproduce their real life before graduation in a cyber dormitory of four. In an atmosphere of subtle sadness, they make various choices and taste different life: trying to find a job, arranging blind dates, chasing artistic dreams…







In the end, Senior won the championship of this year’s PKU Juxing, while Youth Taboo Game ranked second. Other awards, such as the Best Actor and Best Actress, were presented as well.


Written by: Gao Hongfei

Edited by: Arthars

Source: PKU News (Chinese)