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Humble beauty

DEC . 03 2011

Peking University, Dec, 3, 2011: Beauty in daily life is not hard to perceive–this is what a photo exhibition is trying to illustrate, which is currently on display at The Triangle of Peking University (PKU).


This photo exhibition is named “Humble beauty–100 touching moments at PKU”. The photos all recorded those beautiful and moving moments that touched PKU students’ heart. You can see hardworking cleaner, campus guards, chefs in the cafeteria...None of those things has really caught people's attention before, but not this time. 



The idea of this exhibition first came from the death of an ordinary PKU chef called Li Jianhua. Chef Li was remembered by students for his warm-hearted service and sincere attitude towards work, yet he has passed away recently. Shocked by his death at such a young age, PKU students found that they had been ignoring many people for such a long time and their unconspicuous yet kind behaviors.



PKU Student Union organized this exhibition, its Chairman Ma Ke, commented, "Those people are not extraordinary, none of them are celebrities or notable professors, however, it is their ordinary work that makes PKU extraordinary."



A girl who has seen the exhibition talked about her feeling, "The merits found in those people are not ordinary at all. Li’s death made us care more about people who work for the campus and their helpful behaviors for students. These photos are great and make me moved. I find that I am so careless that I have been disregarding people's kindness for a long time."

“We take it as granted to get services from campus staffs or other people, we just ignore those tiny little moments that have touched us once. To call for our senses towards those humble beauties in life, we need to slow down a little bit, discover and feel by heart," said a student from PKU Student Union.

Written by: Liu Yineng
Edited by: Qian Xin