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PKU Today in History – Sept. 30: PKUers unfurled the banner “Hello, Xiaoping!”

SEP . 29 2011

PKU Today in History - a daily column featuring historic events regarding PKU and PKUers.


It was in a dormitory of Peking University (PKU) around 9 pm at night, September 30, 1984 that a group of students majoring in Cytogenetic from Biological Department of PKU Class 1981 tried to decide on the slogan for the National Day Parade banner, which later became a much quoted one, demonstrating the spirit of PKU and its students’ love for their motherland.


It was a long discussion that night. Guo Qingbin, Li Yu, Luan Xiaofeng wanted to come up with something that would fully express their support for Reform and Opening-up Policy, their love for the Party and China. One student suggested “Education needs reform”, while another thought of “Reform should to be accelerated”. Then someone blundered out “Long live Deng Xiaoping”, whose wording was regarded by many as inappropriate and lacking of cordiality. After careful consideration, everyone finally came to a consensus: “Hello Comrade Deng Xiaoping!" All agreed that this slogan could best pay tribute to Comrade Deng Xiaoping in a genial way and express their wholehearted support to the Party and the Policies and Guidelines since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee.


It was already late at night when the students tried to find pen and paper to make the banner with the slogan. Some of them went to the students` union and brought back pieces of green paper, which were too thin and fragile. One of the students used his plastic sheet as substrate underneath the paper. Given that too many words would not be eye-catching, all decided finally to write “Hello, Xiaoping!" in big letters instead.


At 4 am the next morning, this group of students joined the parade, feeling excited. On passing by the Tian'anmen Rostrum, Guo Qingbin, Li Yu, Luan Xiaofeng suddenly unfurled the banner “Hello, Xiaoping!", greeting the top leader of the country standing atop Tian’anmen.





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Written by: Wang Jingran
Edited by: Li Xiaomeng
Source: PKU News (Chinese)