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“An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away“

SEP . 19 2011


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Peking University, Sept. 19, 2011: As the old saying goes: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Well, apparently at present, this old saying has been given a totally new meaning by students from Peking University (PKU).


According to the newly-defined explanation, the "apple" here means the well-known brand Apple products, while the "doctor" stands for a Ph. D, which also indicates a study atmosphere. So, what on earth is the relationship between them?


Step onto the third floor of the PKU Library, turn to the corner, you will first take notice of a faint smell of paint. Around the corner, there stands a room enclosed by glass walls. This is a fairly small room, only covering an area of 40 square meters, yet it has already caused countless controversies at PKU these days.


The room is called Apple Experience Center. It aims to provide PKU students with experience services of Apple high-tech electronics products. At the Center, students can have access to iPad, iTouch and other advanced Apple products. Meanwhile, they can also order their favorite ones with a special discount offered by Apple Company.


(Photo by: YNET.com)


"It is so convenient, for I will no longer have to buy Apple online or walking a long way to get one," said a PKU Apple fan at her RenRen Blog.


The Apple Center also has a function—Study. "We will install study-related software to help students gain proper digital approach," said an anonymous library employee. (Reported by People's Daily Online)


A student is checking on the Apple Center (Photo by: CFP)


However, the Apple Center did arouse another concern on the limited space room in PKU library. "We can't overlook this problem. We must realize that what the Apple Center has occupied is the limited and precious learning space," pointed out by several students at Beida Weiming BBS.


Another objection focuses on the library's atmosphere. Opponents hold a view that library should be a place for study, not for commercial activities. "Library and Apple aren’t a good match," commented some of the students at BBS. (Reported by YNET.com)


Furthermore, the crowds in the Apple Center may also cause direct disturbance to students who are studying nearby. "It is good to have a digital service to help students study, but the location should be somewhere independent that does not disturb the others," said PKU professor Xia Xueluan.(Reported by People's Daily Online) For students nearby, it is also somewhat annoying to see so many people pouring into that place every time they raise their heads from books.


Several similar Apple Experience Centers have also been set up in nine universities in Beijing, but this is its first time to move into a library.


Written by: Liu Yineng
Edited by: Qian Xin