Industry-university-research (IUR) cooperation

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Founder Group Co.,Ltd. Beijing sinobioway Group Co.,Ltd. Beida Jade Bird Group Co.,Ltd. PKU Resources Group Co.,Ltd.
Science Park WeiXin Biotech Co.,Ltd. China Law Info Pulead Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.
Peiwen Education Co.,Ltd. PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-HongKong Institution PKU Healthcare Zhiyuan Hotel

Since the early 1980s, the IUR cooperation of PKU has turned a host of laboratory achievements in these 30-odd years into commercial successes through its standard industrialization. Businesses that generate economic and social benefits have been created, marking a development path unique to PKU.

Today, with its valuable talents and scientific and technological resources, PKU responded to the needs of national and local development by turning scientific and technological achievements into commercial successes and continuing to contribute to national economic development and innovation.

Created with PKU’s original technologies, PKU Founder Group, WPU, PU LEAD, and Pioneer PKU have become influential industry leaders, with economic output accounting for one third of the total output of businesses run by colleges and universities in China. Peking University also works with other industry players in multi-field technological cooperation, with good returns. The School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science works with Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment to launch the PKU-Wandong Center for Joint R&D in Medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging to jointly develop an open permanent magnet magnetic resonance imaging spectrometer. The world-leading product series has landed the FDA certification from the United States and the CE certification from the European Union. Nearly 100 units have been sold, almost half of which to foreign users. The PKU College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering was awarded the project of "Evaluation of the effects of monitoring and control of ozone pollution before and after the 2008 Olympic Games", for which the college implemented an international cooperation program for the large-scale and comprehensive observation of the atmospheric environment in North China. This project resulted in atmospheric control measures for the consideration by the government to guarantee air quality during the Olympic Games, and provided support for regional air pollution prevention and control strategies in China. The PKU School of Physics, thanks to its leadership in atmospheric physics research, provided meteorological observation analysis and atmospheric diffusion experimental technology services for the site selection of more than 20 nuclear power plants. The Oil and Gas Research Center under the PKU School of Earth and Space Sciences integrates research resources and talents in working with large petroleum and petrochemical businesses and contributes greatly to Chinese oil exploration. In 2012, the Dongguan Institute of Opto-Electronics of Peking University, jointly established by Peking University and the city of Dongguan, attracted top international talents for R&D with PKU’s expertise in semiconductor materials technology accumulated over the years. Their joint efforts have gradually formed an industrial cluster that integrates R&D, manufacturing, and sales for opto-electronic products, which represent a new growth point for regional economy.