School & College

Division of Sciences
School of Mathematical Sciences School of Physics College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering School of Life Sciences
College of Urban and Environmental Sciences School of Earth and Space Sciences School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Division of Information & Engineering
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science College of Engineering Institute of Computer Science & Technology School of Software & Microelectronics
College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Division of Humanities
Department of Chinese Language and Literature* Department of History School of Archaeology and Museology* Department of Philosophy, and of Religious Studies*
Religious Studies School of Arts School of Chinese as a Second Language Academy of Opera
Division of Social Sciences
School of International Studies School of Economics Guanghua School of Management Law School
Department of Information Management* Department of Sociology* School of Government School of Marxism*
Graduate School of Education Education School of Journalism and Communication Institute of Population Research* National School of Development
Department of PE* School of New Media*
PKUHSC School of Basic Medical Sciences School of Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Public Health
School of Nursing Institue o Medical Humanities/School of Fundational Education Health Science Center* School of Continuing Medical Education* School of Continuing Medical Education*
Peking University People's Hospital Peking University Third Hospital Hospital Peking University Hospital of Stomatology Peking University Sixth Hospital
Peking University Cancer Hospital Peking University ShenZhen Hospital* Peking University Shougang Hospital*
School of yuanpei Advanced Technology Institute* Acedemy for Advenced Interdisciplinary Studies Institute of Social Science Survey
Institute of Molecular Medicine The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics Institute of Nuclear Sciences & Technology* Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research
Institute of Ocean Research* School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences
Shenzhen Graduate School
Shenzhen Graduate School School of Electronic and Computer Engineering* School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology School of Environment and Energy*
School of Urban Planning and Design School of Advanced Materials* HSBC Business School School of Transnational Law
School of Humanities and Social Sciences*