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[Lecture] Chinese-Western Comparative literature: a Question to Ponder

APR . 11 2017
[Lecture] The 35th of PKU Serial Lectures on Humanities—Chinese-Western Comparative literature: a Question to Ponder
Speaker: Yuan Hexiang, Soochow University
Location: B112, the 6th Building of School of Humanities
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time: 3:00PM
Speaker's Background:
Professor Yuan Hexiang is the first president of the Hong Kong Comparative Literature Association. Yuan, graduating from Soochow University (Bachelor) and California Institute of Western Intercultural Institute (Master and Ph.D.),once served as an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Parksson for five years.
In 1974, Yuanbecame a professor and acted as dean of English department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong until he retired in 1998. He also has taught at the National Taiwan University, Chung Cheng University. He is currently a chair professor of liberal arts at Soochow University.
Introduction of the lecture:
Translation and culture studies seldom lead to the decline of comparative literature, instead, they bring new contents to comparison of Chinese and western literature.
Written by: Fu Wenyun
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source: Peking University Lecture Hall