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Peking University’s International Culture Festival 2016

OCT . 23 2016
Peking University’s International Culture Festival 2016 

Date: October 23, 2016
Time: 9:00AM-4:00PM
Venue: PKU Centennial Memorial Hall


The theme for the 13th annual PKU International Culture Festival 2016 is “Vision: Voice & Action”, encouraging youths from all over the world to embrace differences, speak up boldly, broaden their horizons, and create experiences to express themselves freely and to share different cultures harmoniously—this is this generation’s gift.
We sincerely invite you to join us at Peking University’s 13th annual International Culture Festival (ICF). Together, let us explore the world with broader visions, resounding voices, and meaningful actions.
1.      Opening Ceremony of the 13th ICF
Theme: “Vision: Voice & Action”
Interpretation: Youths from all over the world express their own views through their actions and ideas. They act with passion, speak with wisdom, and they embrace differences.
2.      On-campus Exhibition & Carnival
Person-in-charge: Tian Xiaotian
Mobile: 13051533607
Email: txt1121@126.com
Theme: Yanyuan’s Vision
Interpretation: People of different visions flock to Yanyuan (Yanyuan is another name for PKU). The interactions between cultures results in greater diversity and “a hundred flowers bloom”.
3.      Stage Performances
Person-in-charge: Lin Xin
Mobile: 1868977108
Email: 1500017419@pku.edu.cn
Theme: “I•Unity”
Interpretation: We come from all over the world, but now we share the same stage. We overcame language barriers, our eyes meet, our hearts are linked, and we present our talents together.
4.      Cuisine Plaza
Theme: “Feast•Enjoyment”
Interpretation: We sample cuisines that were made with love and brought to us by people from all over the globe.
5.      Top 10 International Students Singing Competition
Person-in-charge: Lin Yuchen
Mobile: 13301197222
Email: linyuchenpku@163.com
Theme: “My Voice, Our World”
Interpretation: Music knows no boundaries. We understand one another through music, and even if we are separated by oceans, our hearts are connected as one.
6.      Ambassador Forum
Theme: Realizing Peace Through the Youth of Today
The voices and actions of young people from around the world are critical to global peace and development. During the forum, ambassadors from various nations will encourage and advise youths on how they can pursue and realize their dreams of seeing a peaceful and prosperous world.
7.      Artwork Exhibition
Theme: Hometown – Personal artwork exhibition of renowned artist and Peking University visiting fellow, Professor Wang Qijun
Interpretation: Peking Opera is one of the spiritual origins of Chinese culture; Jiangnan Province is the physical origins of the Chinese people. As the traveler seeks life origins, Prof. Wang depicts his artwork with Peking Opera and Jiangnan homes, tracing back the spirit of the Chinese people.
8.      Lego Activity
Theme: “Think big, think bricks – building intercultural ties with Lego”
Interpretation: Not only can we stack Lego blocks into different shapes and sizes, but we can also construct strategic models with them. Young people can maximize their potential and imagination through cultural exchanges and embracing cultural differences.
9.      Chinese Speech Contest for International Students
Theme: Youth Vision, Global Outlook
Interpretation: The best part of youth is its unlimited possibilities. The world is interconnected by many languages, and by learning those languages, nothing can stop you from stepping out into the world.
10. Refugee Children Art Exhibition (June 2016)
Theme: "Their Future and Our Future"
Interpretation: Syrian children depict the world and their hopes for the future through their artworks. They say, “no bad things in the world can take away our smiles” and “no more bombs haunting our dreams”. Are you willing to walk into their world with us?
11. Dialogue with Vincent Fang, Marberionius, and Huang Jiwei (June 2016)
Theme: Youths and the E-Generation: From Chinese Language and Ethnolinguistics’ Perspective
Interpretation: Vincent Fang, Marberionius, and Huang Jiwei are of different generations and have different understandings of the Chinese language. In this dialogue with PKU students, they share their own understanding of cultural linguistics in the Internet era and provide a new look at the Chinese language and culture. They portray the future of youth interactions and cultural linguistics through interaction and exchanges of opinions.

Invitation to Peking University’s
International Culture Festival 2016
Dear international students and friends,
We live in an ever-changing, dynamic era and our world is filled with greater consensus and understanding, and it features unlimited growth and inclusiveness. In such unprecedented circumstances, we are a new generation endowed with limitless creativity and possibilities. Each of us is eager to take advantage of new technology and tools and other great inventions to measure every inch of this world.
In the eastern part of the globe, Peking University makes every effort to orchestrate the annual International Culture Festival, creating a unique global village within the campus. We believe that cultural encounters not only bring about broader perspectives and more diverse voices, but also more effective action.
This year marks the 13th annual PKU International Culture Festival. Under the theme of "Vision: Voice & Action", we promote diversity, enhance civilization, show appreciation to pluralism, and recognize the importance of an inclusive mindset.
In addition to the International Culture Festival's campus activities, exhibitions, booths representing different countries and regions, stage performances, and a cuisine plaza, it also provides a Chinese speech contest for international students, a top ten students singing contest, and other popular activities from previous years, this year’s International Culture Festival will also include a number of new events in connection with the theme of world civilization, which includes: "Their Future and Our Future" refugee children art exhibition that displayed Syrian children’s hopes and dreams; dialogues with Vincent Fang, Marberionius, and Huang Jiwei that provide a new look at Chinese language and culture from the youth perspective; “Go Ahead, Communicate Culture with Building Blocks" activities that invited young people into Lego's fantasy world; painter Wang Qijun’s art exhibition traced the origin of Chinese people's spirit and gave a sense of nostalgia. Together, we will look back on the splendid culture and rich history of civilization and steep ourselves in the unique heritage that comes along with it, and we will also look ahead to a bright and commonly shared future.
The PKU International Culture Festival 2016 with the theme of "Vision: Voice and Action" will hold its opening ceremony and main activities on October 23, 2016. We invite you and those who are dedicated to cultural exchanges from around the world to join us and to embrace the world with open arms, broader perspectives, and more diverse voices.
Office of International Relations,
Peking University
August 28, 2016

Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: Office of International Relations