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Gazette of Peking University News

(Vol. 1, No. 3)


Dec. 31, 2010
Archives of the Gazette

Top Stories

Rendezvous with Europa


PKU President Zhou Qifeng visited partner universities in Europe from Nov. 8 to 14.


Universities for the Universe


Taiwan University (NTU) President Lee Si-chen spoke on "NTU Day" at PKU.

>>[NTU Day Special] Interview with President Lee



Hou Renzhi: Lifelong Devotion to Historical Geography

A feature story in celebration of 100th birthday of Prof. Hou Renzhi, China's most prominent scholar in historical geography.


"Democracy Is a Modern Life Style"

Prof. Cai Dingjian, PKU alumnus and renowned legal scholar and reformist, passed away at the age of only 54.



"Moving PKU" 2010: Ma Qingjun

Ma Qingjun of PKU Third Hospital devoted his life to saving lives with his expertise and love. He moves the university, and the country.



British PM David Cameron Speaks at PKU


"We want a stronger relationship with China. Stronger on trade, investment and dialogue," said Cameron while delivering a speech at PKU on Nov. 10.


2010, Nobel Prize Winners, and PKU School of Physics

2010 sees world-level communications at PKU School of Physics, five of which were academic visits by Nobel Prize laureates.


Tony Blair Joins International Advisory Board of Beijing Forum


Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, has joined the International Advisory Board of Beijing Forum.


Criticism Not to Fear, But Such Fear Itself

PKU students got a rare (probably unprecedented) opportunity - to question the British PM without pre-arrangement - and got criticized.


Campus & Community

When It Commences and Concludes - All Online

Hai Wen, head of PKU Shenzhen campus, is ready to reply to students' complaints - and apologized this time as PKU vice president - all online.

Legal and Social Buzz Behind "My Dad is Li Gang!"

Peking University Show Info

Academic Beida (September-October, 2010)


Sci & Tech

PKUSZ Team's Achievement Highlighted in Nature

Arthritis May Be Treated With Umbilical Cord Cells

New Findings on Face Completion Published in Journal of Neuroscience

Award for Contribution to Nation's Scientific and Technological Progress

Innovation and Responsibility: The 11th PKU Biomedicine Forum

Prof. Zhang Lifei Elected Fellow of Mineralogical Society of America

Excavation Yields Tantalizing Hints of Earliest Marine Reptiles


Arts & Culture

PKU Resumes Research Institute for Chinese Painting

Concord and Vibrance of Youth

Calligrapher Yang Xin Donates Works to PKU

Memories Drifting Away: All about Hand Writing

Prof. Li Yining: 55 Years' Devotion to Economics and Education



Peking University and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

PKUSZ Holds First Field Day

PKU Volleyball Team Retains Title in Municipal Competition









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