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    The first electronic computer of China: DJS11 

    The first random access memory MOS 1024 of China


    1965: The first atomic clock in China.
    1965: The first 10cm backward wave tube in China.
    1973: Designed and developed China's first Million-Instructions-Per-Second (MIPS) integrated circuit computer DJS11 (a.k.a.Computer 150). 
    1974: Developed the mid-level computer DJS18 (a.k.a. Ccomputer 6912), and designed China's first multi-task operating system.
    1975: Developed three types of large scale integrated (LSI) circuits, 1K MOS DRAMs.
    1977: The first applicable Optical Fiber Communication System in Telephone Exchange office in China.
    1979: Prof. Wu established the model of photoelectric emission of Ag-O-Cs cathode, which has received international recognition and is referred to as "Wu’s theory". 
    1980s: Automatic fingerprint recognition technology of Peking University reached the world's  highest level, and the nation’s largest fingerprint technology industry was established.
    1981: As one of the national satellite communication system experiments, the CDMA system  had awarded as the first prize in the National Defense Important Technology Innovation.
    1990s: As the result of twenty years' efforts of the "Jade Bird Project", successfully developed China's first large-scale software development environment: the Jade Bird System, which provided key technology infrastructures for the Chinese software industry.
    1990: The first mobile satellite earth station for military use.
    1997: The first set of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) optical fiber communication engineering between Guangzhou City and Shenzhen City with international advance level was developed and built up in China.
    2004: Built the first voice and data integrated satellite communication VSAT network in China.

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