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PKU Liu Qing Building Unveiling Ceremony Held

Peking University, Beijing, November 24, 2008: The unveiling ceremony of the Peking University (PKU) Liu Qing Building (the Third Study Building) was held in the Overseas Exchange Center in the morning of November 24. Ms. Chen Xiaping, who is the posterity of Mr. Chen Ming, the well-known businessman from Hong Kong, was given the title of Honorary Director of the University’s Board of Directors in the ceremony. Prof. Min Weifang, Chairman of University Council of PKU, Prof. Xu Zhihong, former President of PKU, and the leaders and representatives of teachers and students from different parts of the university attended the ceremony which was hosted by Prof. Yue Xulan, the Vice-President of PKU. 




In his speech, Prof. Min Weifang gave his sincere thanks to the Chen family for their two generous donations in the same year to support the development of PKU. He expressed that the donation of the Chen family was not only providing a new-built study building, but also encouraging and inspiring the PKU students to study harder and learn to have social responsibilities. This donation has also been a great model to inspire the society’s attentions to education. He also said that to retain Ms. Chen Xiaping as the Honorary Director of the University’s Board of Directors will promote the communication and friendship between PKU and the Chen family and also give impetus to the development of PKU in new era.



Ms. Chen Xiaping said in her speech: “Our families have tried our best to give support to education under the family tradition all along. It is a great honor to promote the importance of education along with PKU, which has such a long history and has trained a large number of outstanding people.” She also expressed her willing to continue contributing to the development of PKU.



In order to thank the Chen family’s contribution to the development of PKU, the University decided to use the name of Ms. Liu Qing who was a member of the family, as the new name of the rebuilt building. In the ceremony, Ms Chen Xiaping lighted the crystal lamp together with Prof. Min Weifang and Prof. Xu Zhihong for the PKU Liu Qing Building.



Ms. Chen Xiaping received her bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s degree in finance in the United States. She formerly worked in multinational corporations as a financial analyzer and a financial manager and has extensive experiences in this field. With the impact of the family ancestors, Ms. Chen Xiaping and her family have strong senses of social responsibility to contribute to the development of the education. To prove this, the Chen family has donated twice to PKU since December 2007, which has had great significance to the development of PKU in both software and hardware construction.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)