• Massey renews links with top China universities


  • Massey University has renewed its tri-partite agreement with China’s foremost University, Peking, and Shihezi University, for joint research on pasture irrigation, soil testing and sheep breeding.



    Professor Robert Anderson, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Sciences, says it is an important collaboration for the three partners and is supported by the China Scholarship Council. The partnership, originally signed in 2005, was designed to include universities from China’s east and west and a New Zealand university.


    The continuation of the partnership after seven years working together shows how well all parties look on this relationship,” Professor Anderson says. “The partnership has seen an exchange of staff and students, significant scientific openings, research mentoring and several scientific publications.”


    Peking University Vice-President Dr Li Yansong says the Memorandum of Understanding, signed on September 25, would see greater co-operation between the three universities, with more visits, knowledge exchange, and opportunities involving staff from several disciplines at all three universities. Fundamental science projects are part of the talks underway between Peking and Massey University.


    Professors Hugh Blair and Steve Morris, from the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, have worked closely with Shihezi University in China’s northwest for several years.


    The western China university is a key research centre for the large grassland sheep industry that extends beyond China’s borders to neighboring Eurasian countries.


    Source: Massey University

    Edited by: Arthars