• PKU tops in donations from graduates


  • Peking University, May 24, 2012: A recent report showed that Peking University (PKU) has received 1.2 billion yuan totally over the past 20 years, higher than the donation of any other Chinese university, according to 2012 data from cuaa.net, an independent Chinese website focusing on alumni affairs.


    Peking University


    Alumni donations are not only needed to fund projects, but they are also considered an important measure of a university’s quality. US News & World Report, an American magazine that ranks US universities yearly, uses donations as an important criterion in college ranking. According to the magazine, the “percentage of alumni giving serves as a proxy for how satisfied students are with the school”.


    Alumni donations are a way in which society provides vital support to universities, said Qiao Haishu, a professor from Hunan University, adding that the alumni associations provide benefits in return.


    “It will create mutual benefits for universities and alumni,” Qiao said.


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    Source: Universities News