• Peking University honours Monash researchers


  • Peking University, May 10, 2012: Two leading Monash academics were last week appointed honorary professors of Peking University, at an official ceremony in Beijing.


    Dr Hui Yang, Professor Shane Thomas and Professor Colette Browning


    Deputy Dean (International) of the Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, Professor Shane Thomas, and Deputy Head of the School of Primary Health Care, Professor Colette Browning, were recognised for their research and collaboration with Chinese academics and institutions.


    “Becoming an honorary professor in Health Sciences at Peking University is recognition of a strong and sustained relationship with Peking University and China more broadly,” Professor Thomas said.


    “This is a great honour and means that Australia and Monash will become better known throughout China.”


    Since 1984 only seven Australians have become honorary professors in Health Sciences at Peking University. Professors Thomas and Browning are the 8th and 9th Australians to receive this honour.


    “Over the past seven years we have worked with our Chinese colleagues in the areas of healthy ageing, primary health care, chronic illness management and hospital quality improvement,” Professor Browning said.


    “Our personal contributions to the field of primary care and general practice research in China were recognised in a recent report to the Chinese Ministry of Health.”


    These collaborations had previously led Professors Thomas and Browning to be appointed to various positions in China, including Editors of the Chinese Journal of General Practice and Commissioners of the National Institute for Hospital Management.


    The ceremony held in Beijing was attended by a number of senior Chinese government and university officials.


    “This is a tremendous reward for lots of hard work,” Professor Browning said.


    “None of this would be possible without our great friend and Monash colleague, Dr Hui Yang, from the School of Primary Health Care. We are very grateful for his support and excellent contribution to the research.”


    Edited by: Yan Binghan

    Source: Monash News