• China-Australia Futures Dialogues held in Brisbane, Australia


  • Peking University, Apr.9, 2012: “China-Australia Futures Dialogues” is the annual Leaders’ Lecture organized by Peking University (PKU) and Griffith University and supported by the Queensland government, and it was held in Queensland State Capital Brisbane in Australia on April 2 this year. China's ambassador to Australia, Chen Yuming, delivered a speech titled “Take the Past as a Guide to the Future and Write a New Chapter in China-Australia Relations”. PKU’s former President Xu Zhihong, President of Griffith University Ian O’Conner, and more than 150 representatives from government, business, and academic circles attended this activity.


    Ambassador Chen giving his speech


    This year marks the 40th anniversary of China-Australia diplomatic tie. Chen Yuming said in his lecture that China and Australia made progress in the cooperation in many fields in the past 40 years and that the relationship ushered in an epoch of stability and maturation. Strategic aspects were reinforced in this relationship and cultural exchanges among the people were greatly strengthened.


    What gift is left for us by this forty-year tie? Ambassador Chen pointed out that the answer was in the keyword–FUTURE. These six capital letters stand for six core ideas: Farsightedness, Universality, Trust, Utmost, Reciprocity and Exchange which are the basis of the relationship between China and Australia.


    At last, Ambassador Chen quoted President Jefferson’s saying “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past” to emphasize that it was important for us to review the past and plan for a better future at this historical point. He also hoped that China and Australia could learn the experience from the past and break new grounds.


    Guests taking their photo


    “China-Australia Futures Dialogues” aims to found a platform which involves officials, entrepreneur, scholars and teenagers in the fields of politic, economy and academy. Its theme is “Draw our common future: China, Australia and Asia Pacific region after 2020”. The dialogue is divided into lectures of leaders, the second track dialogue and the forum of future leaders every year.




    Written by: Xu Yang
    Edited by: Liu Lu 
    Source: Office of International Relations, PKU