• Nobel Prize Laureate Claude Cohen-Tannoudji lectures at PKU


  • Peking University, Nov. 17, 2011: Invited by School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science of Peking University (PKU), Professor Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics, lectured at PKU on “Advances in Atomic Physics: From Optical Pumping to Ultracold Atoms” on November 11. 


    Prof. Cohen-Tannoudji giving his lecture


    Professor Cohen-Tannoudji explained the principle and characteristics of optical pumping before he gave an introduction of the significance of several new scientific researching discoveries of the application of optical pumping. After that, he reviewed the history of laser’s invention and development, and then elaborated on the principle of atom cooling by means of laser — pressurized by laser’s radiation, the atom decelerates and remains moving at a low speed, in which way the atom gets cold. Then he introduced several methods of atom cooling as well as the mechanism of the imprisoned atom. The ultracold atom’s applications including that in the atom clock were displayed before he explained basic principles of Bose-Einstein Condensate and ultracold atoms.


    His new book The Progress of Atom Physics was released in the end, during which he shared his feelings and experiences with the audience. Professor Wang Yijiu, former Executive Vice President of PKU, who had translated the book into Chinese, gave a concluding speech, before he presented PKU souvenirs to Professor Cohen-Tannoudji. Professor Chen Xuzong, Dean of Institute of Quantum Electronics, PKU, presided over the lecture. Professor Zhou Xiaoji and Professor Chen Jingbiao of PKU Institute of Quantum Electronics also attended the meeting.



    Prof. Wang presenting a souvenir to Prof. Cohen-Tannoudji


    Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (born April 1, 1933) is a French physicist and Nobel Laureate. He shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics with Steven Chu and William Daniel Phillips for research in methods of laser cooling and trapping atoms. He is still an active researcher, working at the école Normale Supérieure in Paris, France.



    Written by: Zhao Ning
    Edited by: Liu Lu
    Source: PKU News (Chinese)