• [Beijing Forum 2011] Tony Blair delivers congratulatory message


  • Peking University, Nov. 4, 2011: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has delivered his congratulatory message for this year's Beijing Forum, ahead of the official opening ceremony on November 4, 2011. In the video, he spoke highly of the forum's theme, "The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All", and expressed his views on this year's annual theme of "Tradition and Modernity, Transition and Transformation". He wrapped up his message by expressing his wish that Beijing Forum 2011 would be a fruitful and successful one. 


    Tony Blair's congratulatory video message for Beijing Forum 2011 (ChinaNews.com)


    In the last two years, the Beijing Forum has maintained a close working relationship with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, of which Mr. Blair is the patron of.


    The Beijing Forum and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation have established a formal partnership since 2010. During last year's Beijing Forum 2010, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and Yale University jointly organized the panel session on "Faith and Responsibilities - Spiritual Reflections on Global Issues". This panel session garnered widespread attention and was a success, becoming one of the highlights of Beijing Forum 2010.  


    In his keynote speech titled "Challenges and Opportunities in a Globalized World" on November 7, 2010, at the closing ceremony of Beijing Forum 2010, Mr. Blair emphasized the importance of the theme "The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All", citing it to have tremendous significance in both today's reality and in the future. Mr. Blair also highlighted the relevance of the Chinese culture and philosophical thought to solving many of today's global issues. He praised China's initiative in organizing the Beijing Forum, which involves cultural exchanges and interaction between civilizations, as an apt move which realizes China's potential as a bridge for cultures and civilizations, and also contributes towards global peace and harmonious development.    


    Earlier this year, Mr. Blair accepted the invitation of Zhou Qifeng, president of Peking University (PKU) and chairman of the Academic Committee of Beijing Forum, to join the International Advisory Board of Beijing Forum. As Mr. Bair is the founder and patron of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, his agreement signifies deeper ties between the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Beijing Forum, as well as the continuation and strengthening of the existing partnership between the two entities.


    In the preparations leading up to this year's Beijing Forum, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation worked tirelessly with the Beijing Forum in the areas of guest invitation and the recommendation of suitable academics. Due to other commitments, Mr. Blair is unable to attend this year's forum. Apart from sending representatives from the foundation to attend in his stead, he has also specially prerecorded a video message offering his congratulations and wishing the forum every success. In his message, he mentioned the Beijing Forum several times and praised its partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation for last year's forum. Mr. Blair also expressed his wish for continued collaboration and the forging of a long-term partnership, such that both entities could work hand in hand in the promotion of world peace and the harmony of civilizations.



    Written by: Lin Ruoshuang

    Edited by: Arthars

    Source: Beijing Forum