• [Beijing Forum 2011] Responsibilities and actions of the youth


  • Peking University, Nov.5, 2011: Beijing Forum, initiated in 2004 and approved by the State Council and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, is an international academic forum on humanity and social sciences co-hosted by Peking University (PKU), Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. Beijing Forum is held annually, and this year marks its eighth anniversary. 


    Beijing Forum 2011, convened from November 4 to 6, 2011, is based on the theme of “The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All: Tradition and Modernity, Transition and Transformation” .


    Initiated only one year ago, the Student Panel is a unique panel of Beijing Forum 2011. Recently, Feng Yuan, academic secretary of the student panel, introduced related information about the panel.


    Youthful Vigor and Wide Presentation


    The student panel this year is composed of 39 outstanding students coming from the world-class universities in 14 countries around the world. Domestically, most Chinese student representatives are from PKU, Tsinghua University, Sichuan University and Sun Yat-Sen University. With the convergence of these outstanding young students, the student panel is full of vigor and vitality.


    Inherit Traditional Culture, and Promote Cultural Innovation


    The theme of the Student Panel 2011 is “Responsibilities and Actions of the Youth in Cultural Inheritance, Innovation and Development,” on which student attendees will based to engaged themselves in the discussion on the three perspectives namely, “Cultural Inheritance and Responsibilities of the Youth”, “Cultural Innovation and Views of the Youth”, and “Cultural Development and Actions of the Youth”


    Feng Yuan told the reporter, “The student panel is going to focus on such three aspects as the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional culture. ‘Inheritance’ means the appreciation and respect of the traditional cultures with the capability to select the essence and discard the dross from the traditional cultures; ‘innovation’ means keeping pace with the times, and combining traditional culture with reality; while ‘development’ is aimed to promote human harmony through the development of culture, not merely focus on cultural development, but to facilitate the development of economy, politics and international relationship - as a result, to achieve the development and prosperity of the human society.”


    According to Feng Yuan, the theme of the student panel was developed in line with that of Beijing Forum. It is hoped that young students would take their due responsibility for the inheritance and innovation of the traditional cultures, and play a role in the promotion of the harmony of civilizations and prosperity for all.


    Draw on Useful Experiences, and Strive for New Progress


    This is the second year the student panel held at Beijing Forum. The organizers of the student panel decided to draw on the good experiences of the last one, in the meanwhile, undertake some new initiatives to make this year’s student panel unique.


    Good Preparation in Expectation of a Successful Meeting


    The student panel has started the preparation work ever since April this year, with a strong support and involvement of PKU Student Union and the Student Extracurricular Activities Guidance Center as well as several student associations, such as Model UN, SICAStudents' International Communication Association. So far the preparation work has been going on very well, and student organizers think their hard work will be paid off if the student panel turns out successful.


    At last, Feng Yuan expressed his own keen anticipation of the student panel, “I hope that our organization plans for this year’s student panel can be well put into practice that will highlight the characteristics and outlooks of the youth, and make the student panel distinguished from other panels. In addition, during the meeting, I also hope students from different countries and regions can develop their friendship and have more communications on students’ lives and studies. Nevertheless, I am very glad that the student panel has provided a platform for students from different parts of the world to demonstrate themselves and communicate with others on the fundamental issues concerning the harmony of civilizations and prosperity of this world.”


    Reported by: Xu Ying

    Edited by: Arthars

    Source: PKU News (Chinese)