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    Peking University, May 25, 2011: Chinese President Hu Jintao has expressed satisfaction with graduate students from Peking University (PKU) who volunteered to teach in the western regions.


    Hu wrote back to 18 volunteers on May 10, after he received a letter from the students who are now teaching in west China' s Tibet, Qinghai, Yunnan, and Xinjiang.





    President Hu Jintao's letter


    PKU has been sending graduate students to teach in rural areas since 1999, and has so far dispatched 12 groups with 163 members. Each student spent one year during the mission, and the service hours of all the volunteers has totaled 350,000.


    "Despite hardships and with wholehearted devotion, you have played a positive role in boosting education in the western regions, and you have gained experiences, strengthened mind and improved abilities through grassroots practice," Hu said. "I am very satisfied with the progress you have made."


    PKU sending students to rural areas is an effective way to help young students learn from practice and the masses, Hu said.


    He hoped the university would continue the practice, so that more young student would grow up to become the backbone of the country.




    The 12th PKU graduate volunteer teaching service group


    Hu's letter aroused heated discussion among the volunteers and staff and students of the university.


    "It is a big surprise and a great honor," said Zhang Zhendong, one of the 18 volunteer graduates who wrote to President Hu on April 19 to report their work as volunteer teachers. "We had not expected a personal letter from President Hu."


    "We realize the value of our work and feel the responsibility after reading the letter from Hu," the student who is teaching in Qinghai said.


    Wang Yuechuan, a professor with PKU, said that President Hu clung great expectation over the Chinese younger generation in his letter.


    PKU President Zhou Qifeng said the university would follow Hu's instructions to organize the volunteer teaching service in a better way.


    The next group of volunteers from the university, with 17 members, would begin their mission in two months, according to officials from the university.



    President Hu writes to encourage volunteer teaching service


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