• 24th Annual "Jing Hua Cup" Chess and Bridge Friendship Match Closes, PKU Sets New Record


  • Peking University, Beijing, April 5, 2010: On April 3, the 24th annual "Jing Hua Cup" Peking University vs. Tsinghua University Chess and Bridge Friendship Match took place at the PKU Zhengda International Communication Center. This year’s competition marks the second fourth consecutive win for PKU, making a total of 15 wins over Tsinghua.


    Chinese Chess Graduate Student Team During a Intensive Game


    In attendance during the opening ceremony of the competition included Liu Siming, director of the General Administration of Sport of China’s Chess and Bridge Management Center and the director of the China Chess Club; Zhang Yan, vice secretary of the PKU Party Committee; Shi Zongkai, vice secretary of the Tsinghua University Party Committee; Zhang Wendong, director of the Department of Weiqi under the China Chess Club. Also in attendance was PKU’s committee members, the PKU Party Committee Publicity Department Director, Zhao Weimin; PKU Trade Union Vice Chairman, Sun Li; Secretary of PKU Youth League, Lv Chenfei; vice dean of PKU Department of Physical Education, Liu Zheng; vice dean of PKU Graduate School, Liu Mingli; head of PKU Admissions Office, Qin Chunhua; and the PKU Faculty Chess and Bridge Team captain, Wei Yinshu.


    During the opening ceremony, PKU Party Committee Vice Secretary, Zhang Yan, said that the popularization of chess and bridge within institutions of higher education can better the development of the meaning of physical education and culture within campuses. The “Jing Hua Cup” competition has played the role of publicizing the games of chess and bridge, while also propagandizing teamwork and building a relationship between universities.


    Director Liu Siming also said the fact that “Jing Hua Cup” can continue for the past 24 years in two of China’s top universities shows that chess and bridge have a special attraction, which has connected and strengthened the friendship between the two schools. This competition’s tradition has served as an exemplar to other institutions and has left its mark in chess history forever.


    After the opening ceremony, the games began. This year’s competition was divided into two sessions, the morning session and the afternoon session. There were a total of 24 teams consisting of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students competing in Chinese chess, weiqi or go chess, and bridge.  


    The games were intense and exciting all throughout the day, with the morning session ending with the score even at 8:8. However, after the afternoon session, PKU won the competition. The faculty won by 4:2 and the students won by 12:4, with the total score of 16:6.


    During the closing of the competition, PKU Vice President, Yue Sulan, and Tsinghua University Party Committee Vice Secretary, Han Jingyang, presented PKU with the trophy. Han Jingyang continued on to congratulate and thank the students, faculty, organizers and judges of both universities for their hard work. He went on to say that in the past 24 years, this cup has played the role of strengthening the relationship between the two universities and will continue to do so.


    To further the relationship between the two universities, after this year’s Cup and for every one from here on afterwards, the away team will form an interaction interface to enhance corporation between schools. This new enhancement to the tradition of the “Jing Hua Cup” is another step towards PKU and Tsinghua University becoming world-class universities. 


    Translated by: An Jiang

    Edited by: Jennifer Yan

    Source: PKU News (Chinese)