• Training Opens for Spring Bud Teachers


  • A one-week teacher training course providing free training to 50 Spring Bud teachers from across China opened on July 23, 2013, at Peking University in Beijing.



    Fifty Spring Bud teachers attend a one-week training course at Peking University.


    The Blue Sky Spring Bud School Teacher Training Course was jointly organized by the China Children and Teenagers' Foundation (CCTF) under the leadership of the All China Women's Federation (ACWF), Chinese Air Force and Peking University. The teachers came from 22 spring bud schools in 11 provinces and regions. 



    Secretary General of the CCTF Chen Xiaoxia gives a speech at the launch ceremony.


    The Spring Bud Project was launched by the CCTF in 1989. The project's goal is to help girls in poverty-stricken areas of China return to school.


    The program raises funds from China and abroad to set up 'Spring Bud Classes and Schools' in China's poorer areas.


    The training will improve teachers' educational skills and introduce them to the most current developments in the field of education.


    Since 1995, China's Air Force officers and soldiers have donated up to 54.85 million yuan (US$ 8.9 million) to the project. The money has been used to set up 182 'Blue Sky Spring Bud Classes' and helped build 17 'Blue Sky Spring Bud Schools', benefiting 16,410 needy children.


    This is the second time that CCTF is holding the Blue Sky Spring Bud Teacher Training Course. Over 90 teachers have attended the course.


    Reported and Photo by: Fan Wenjun

    Source: Women of China

    Edited by: Arthars