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PKU and Tibet University: Joint Assistance and Cooperation

Peking University, Nov. 22, 2010: Seven inland universities, including Peking University, signed coordinated cooperation agreements in Beijing with Tibet University on Nov. 21.


These seven universities will form a group to initiate a new round of pairing assistance to Tibet University. The multilateral cooperation will focus on helping Tibet University enhance the teaching level of its faculty, quality of students, research, development and service capacity as well as the school management level.


Agreement signing ceremony (PKU News)


This cooperation will advance the development of Tibet University's special subjects concerning Tibetan ethnic culture and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau region as well as subjects vital to Tibet's economic and social development.


To further advance the western development strategy of the central government and meet the requirements set by the central government on the fifth forum on work in Tibet, China's Ministry of Education has decided to organize inland universities to form a group to provide further pairing assistance to Tibet in addition to the Tibet-focused "pairing" assistance over the past nine years.


The universities, led by Peking University, include Wuhan University, China Agricultural University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Hohai University, and South China Normal University. The assistance will primarily be in the form of exchanging teachers and students and establishing scientific research bases.


Lin Huiqing, assistant minister of Education, said they will improve the working mechanism for the pairing assistance, help Tibet University to formulate its development plan and optimize educational subject arrangements in the future in order to deepen educational and teaching reforms that focus on nurturing high-quality and applied talents.


Furthermore, they will also strengthen the development of special and advantageous subjects, enhance the level of teaching, advance the establishment of scientific research platforms and build up the capacity to attract and keep talents by offering good development opportunities and decent remuneration. The new round of pairing assistance will help Tibet University to achieve a historical leap forward in its development.


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Source: People's Daily Online