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Love Brings You and Me Together: Voluntary Service at PKU Third Hospital

Peking University, Beijing, May 13, 2010: On the afternoon of May 4, the launching ceremony of voluntary service in hospital was held at the Science Lecture Hall in Peking University Third Hospital with the theme “Love brings you and me together: voluntary service in the Third Hospital.” At the ceremony, contracts were issued for “image ambassadors” of volunteers. The event formally started as He Bei, Party Secretary of the Third Hospital, conferred the flag of volunteer to Youth League Secretary Jiang Xue.


At the ceremony, Luo Jinkai, nurse of the Cardiology Department, gave a speech as the representative of volunteers. “We are dedicated to be volunteers for the love, eagerness, and responsibility in our hearts. We hope to use our love to arouse warmth and eliminate indifference, to move more people for creating a more harmonious social atmosphere, and to help patients reduce their unease or fear.


Cong Yuefen, Vice Party Secretary of Guanghua School of Management,  gave a speech representing volunteer providers. She showed gratitude to Peking University Third Hospital for providing a platform to students to actively participate in the social voluntary service, and hoped that students could treat the voluntary service as a learning process of getting to know the society and improving abilities, and could learn to shoulder more responsibilities. During the voluntary service in hospital, students should learn about care, gratitude, and contribution.


Chen Zhongqiang, President of PKU Third Hospital, pointed out in the speech that although the concept of “voluntary service” had not become popular until recent decades, young volunteers from the hospital have participated  in events like earthquake relief, drought and disaster assistance, and Olympic Games. Volunteers shouldered their social responsibilities with their wisdom and practice, which helped them grow and embodied the spirit as medial workers. As for this time, initiating the voluntary service at this platform not only helps patients to access high-level medical services, but to enjoy more humanistic care. Besides, it can improve the understandings of other people, the society, individual health and life among volunteers, which contributes to their personal development as well as services at the hospital.


It is reported that the recruitment of volunteers are open to the society, including community residents, staffs in enterprises and public institutions, and even foreigners living in Beijing, with university students as the main part. All applicants should have interviews and training before they become formal volunteers in hospital. The training includes teaching volunteers how to communicate with patients, basic information about hospital (such as layout, process of seeing a doctor, distribution of departments, etc), and professional training on voluntary posts. Volunteer work in hospital includes counseling and guidance service at clinic, convenience service, introduction service, accompanying service at ward, and promotion of health education. By far, the number of volunteers recruited has reached 210, and 146 of them have conducted the training.



Translated by: Xi Hui
Edited by: Jacques
Source: PKU News (Chinese)