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PKU Student Representatives Supervise Universities Joint Open Bidding

Peking University, Beijing, April 27, 2010: Beijing Universities Joint Open Bidding Meeting for meat and edible oil was held at the Changping Campus, PKU on April 24, 2010. The meeting was hosted by the Beijing United Purchasing Association of College Mass (UPACM), and undertaken by the PKU Center of Catering Services. Leaders in charge from the Logistic Department of the Beijing Education Committee, the Board Department of Beijing College Logistic Research Society and more than sixty purchasing missions of universities of Beijing attended the meeting.


The open bidding for meat and edible oil was the second centralized bidding after the joint bidding for rice and flour hosted by Tsinghua University. There were thirty-eight qualified suppliers participating in the meeting, providing ten varieties of meat and edible oil.


During the meeting, fifteen student representatives from the PKU Public Rights Department of the Student Union and supervisors of student canteens were entrusted by UPACM to supervise the entire bidding process. As the third side which is independent of UPACM and suppliers, they broke off the seal of the bidding documents, registered information on prices and then sealed the bidding documents before the meeting and opened sealed tenders after the meeting to guarantee the process going on fairly and justly.


In the first open bidding meeting in 2010, student representatives of PKU supervised the process of bidding for rice and flour as supervisors of the PKU Center of Catering Services, but this time they were supervisors of the meeting and took part in the entire process of the meeting and exercised the right of supervision as diners. This strict bidding procedure helped to realize the principle of “open and honest purchasing”, and benefited the students widely.


To ensure food safety and low cost, the purchasing mission of the PKU Center of Catering Services attended the meeting and purchased meat and edible oil according to the demand in 2010.


Translated by: Cao Yixing

Edited by: Jennifer Yan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)