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Kellogg ties up with Guanghua for executive MBA

One of China's top business schools, the Guanghua School of Management, has announced a new joint degree program with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management in the United States.


The joint degree is a two-year China-focused executive master of business administration program--or MBA. Professor Cai Hongbin, also dean of Guanghua School of Management, says the program is tailored for a specific group of business leaders from both China and abroad.


"We hope to recruit both international and local students. It is for international executives who want to expand their business in China, or who want to gain in-depth understanding of the Chinese economy. It is also for Chinese executives who want to invest in the global market."


When asked how to compete for better and more elite students from all over the world who are eyeing other EMBA programs, Sally Blount from the Kellogg School of Management says the 10-year partnership between the two schools can bring together students with a good understanding of different economies.


"Quite honestly, most of the knowledge that we will teach today in the classroom will be obsolete in five years, but what won't be is the teaching about how to think, and how to understand different cultures, different economies, and different political systems and how they interact with free markets."


Prof. Sally Blount (third L) and Prof. Cai Hongbin (fourth L) attend a ceremony marking the launching of the joint degree program between the two academies on Feb. 17, 2014.


The Guanghua-Kellogg executive MBA program begins this fall. Classes are taught in Beijing, Shanghai and Chicago. It requires at least eight years of management experience with a bachelor degree. The program is currently accepting applications.



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