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The third China-US dialogue on core values held in US

Peking University, Dec. 28, 2012: The third China-US dialogue on core values jointly sponsored by the World Ethics Center at PKU, Beijing Forum, Stanford University Confucius Institute and Chinese Culture and Art Foundation in USA was held in Berkley, California. More than twenty experts from PKU, Stanford University, the George Washington University and Nanjing University attended the conference.


China-US Dialogue on Core Values dates back to the communication mechanism established in 2011, aiming at attracting more attention and speculation on core values from both sides. Supported by China-US communication mechanism and the intellectual resources of Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS) at PKU and Beijing Forum, the dialogue will promote mutual understanding so as to provide leaders of both sides with references for decision-making and policy formulation. China-US Dialogue was already successfully held twice in the fall of 2011 and 2012.


In succession to the preceding ones, the China-US Dialogue on Core Value this time will spare no efforts to improve bilateral relations and search for common values of all human being.


Professor Tu Weiming


The Director of IAHS Tu Weiming mentioned in his speech that although there may be various manifestations of values, their essence remains almost the same. The Dialogue on core values should attach great importance to the dispelling of prejudice, thus appealing for further cooperation.


Professor Bellah


Professor Bellah discussed the core values of Nationalism and New Freedom Economy shared by both countries. According to him, the two shared core values are doubtless influential, yet they were not always exerting their influence in a positive way. Despite closely cooperating on solving nuclear crisis and global warming, both countries have to be aware of the potential problems. Only when both countries' elites and decision-makers make full use of their wisdom, can a new path of coexistence and mutual trust be developed for the two great people in this Post-Cold War era.


Amitai Etzioni, a renowned activist and a professor in George Washington University, sent in the outline of his essay China-US relationship: from the perspective of an American, in which he stressed the inevitability of conflicts between China and the US in terms of both interest and value. Etzioni suggested that it’s better to ameliorate tension through diplomatic dialogues, economic cooperation and military collaboration.



Professor Francis Fukuyama


Professor Francis Fukuyama from Stanford University pinpointed in his speech that today’s world is led more by a combined force of materialism and consumerism instead of ideology. When countries talk about their core interests , there are always corresponding core values.




During the one-day conference, participants communicated intensely and productively on the issue of “China-US Dialogue on core values”, resulting in a series of accomplishments and important consensus.


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Written by: Li Chiyang

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: Beijing Forum Secretariat