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Professor Fredric Jameson contributes to the development of PKU

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Peking University, Dec. 17, 2012: Professor Fredric Jameson, an American Marxist political theorist and post-modern literary critic, became the fourth scholar to be enrolled in “PKU Global Fellowship” program.

He delivered a speech titled “The Aesthetics of Singularity: The cultural Logic of Capitalist” on December 12 and attended related symposiums during his stay at PKU. Two days after the speech, Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of  PKU Council, met with Professor Jameson and presented him with a bronze plaque and a certificate of “PKU Global Fellowship” program.


During the meeting, Zhu Shanlu welcomed Professor Jameson to visit PKU and congratulated him on the successful speech and symposiums. “Professor Jameson is an old friend of PKU who 27 years ago lectured at PKU for half a year, which spurred Chinese scholars to pursue the study of Western Marxism and post-modern culture,” said Zhu.

Zhu also stressed that as the pioneer to publicize and research on Marxism, PKU will reinvigorate Marxism under new historical conditions while maintaining the essence of Marxism on the road to build a world-class university. “Professor Jameson is a prominent scholar of Marxism theory, and his visit and excellent speech will promote academic communication and the blend of Chinese and Western cultures,” he added.

”Drawing talents is one of the crucial strategies of PKU,” said Zhu Shanlu when introducing “PKU Global Fellowship” program. “PKU will increase its appeal, promote its services, learn from universities overseas and carry out reforms based on practical conditions as to implement this strategy.” The program is an important measure to attract top talents, and the active participation of the world’s most prestigious scholars such as Professor Jameson will contribute much to PKU’s talent cultivation. Zhu hoped that Professor Jameson could work closely with Department of Chinese Language and Literature and International Center for Critical Theory, and offered to facilitate teaching and research for him at PKU.

Professor Jameson expressed his sincere gratitude for the warm reception by Zhu Shanlu and teachers and students of PKU. He said that his trip to China 27 years ago was of great joy and memory, which had exerted much influence on his research. “I love China, and I have great confidence in its development. I hope my own study can have a positive effect on the development of PKU and China.” He said.


After the meeting, Professor Jameson and Zhu Shanlu took a group picture together with PKU teachers and students.


Extended Reading:

Peking University Global Fellowship is one of the important measures that PKU has taken to accelerate its development into a world-class university. The world’s most prestigious scholars are invited to give lectures, offer courses and initiate cooperative research programs at PKU as to promote comprehensive development and innovation. In the next five to ten years, PKU plans to invite at least ten world-renowned scholars to lecture at PKU annually, who are leading experts in their research fields with profound strategic foresights. PKU Global Fellowship was officially launched on June 1, 2012 when Professor Daniel Chee Tsui, Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1998, delivered a speech at PKU titled “Exploring the World of Two-Dimensional Electrons.”



Written by: Zhu Wenjia
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)