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PKU delegation for Li Lanqing’s Art Exhibition in UK

Peking University, Nov.29, 2012: From November 11th to 17th, Peking University delegation, headed by Vice President Wu Zhipan, took part in Li Lanqing’s art exhibition on his seal cutting calligraphy in UK. Among the series of events, Peking University was the host of the discussion meeting Enhancing National Quality Education---Book Donation Ceremony for the Education of 1.3 Billion People.


With the aim of promoting traditional Chinese culture and catering to the national policy of Going-Out, the Art Exhibition was jointly approved by Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Commerce. The event was part of a high-level cultural communication between UK and China, which constituted a series event for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Sino-Britain relations. This cultural event was jointly held by Peking University and London University of Education, with participants from Peking University, Shanghai Normal University, London University of Education as well as other members from British colleges, discussing the future for higher education and sharing experience from both sides.


During the Art Exhibition, Wu Zhipan gave a keynote speech named Quality Education and University Social Responsibility, expressing the nature of quality education, the meaning of social responsibility on the part of university, the interaction between modern technology and socio-economic development as well as globalization and sustainable development. The speech was warmly accepted by all participants.



After the discussion, Wu attended the Book Donation where participants from UK and China strongly emphasized the significance of the event in enhancing mutual communication. With the deeper relations between two sides, the Exhibition symbolized a hope for the country to continue their goodwill cooperation on all sides.



Written by: Li Yang

Edited by: Zhao Xiaowei

URL: http://pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xxfz/2012-11/20/content_258348.htm