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UMHS-PUHSC Joint Institute held symposium to celebrate birthday

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Peking University, Oct 14, 2011: On the morning of September 27th, a joint symposium on “future directions and opportunities in translational research” was held in the Lecture Hall of Yifu Teaching Building, Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC). It was also an event to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Joint Institute for Translational and Clinical Research (JI) between University of Michigan Medical System (UMHS) and the host. Leaders and researchers from both sides delivered speeches and answered questions. 


The joint symposium and the one-year anniversary celebration


Prof. Han Qide, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and President of PUHSC, spoke highly of such cooperation pattern as UMHS-PUHSC JI and emphasized on the importance of China to learn from the world for further social development. He said that PUHSC was the first medical school in China to communicate and cooperate with the West and thus established its international status five or six years earlier than its counterparts. He hoped that more scholars could take part in this partnership while current members could be more devoted to the joint projects to promote medical science research. Also a more effective and long lasting way of cooperation needs further exploring.


Ke Yang, Executive Vice President of PKU and PUHSC, stressed the consensus behind this cooperation. She said that PUHSC has always been active in international cooperation. The success of the Joint Institute lies in the observation of scientific research rules as well as shared character. Ke hoped that this symposiuim could serve as an academic platform for further cooperation on the frontier of transitional medicine.


James O. Woolliscroft, Dean of the University of Michigan Medical School,  began his speech with an overview of UM’s long history, and introduced to the audience the expert team, scholars’ research interest as well as cultural tradition of HMHS. He told the gathering that international cooperation played a key role in the progress of biomedicine researches. Dozens of UM’s medicine-related departments have established partnership with China. He believed that the joint research between UMHS and PUHSC would be a paradigm for international medical research and it would attract more experts, scholars, students and achieve breakthrough in biomedicine.


Prof. Han Qide and James O. Woolliscroft exchanged gifts
 (source: umchinamed.org)

The Joint Institute was founded in October, 2010 by UMHS and PUHSC with a combined commitment of $14-million. Over the past years, six pilot studies have been launched in three main areas: pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease. Investigators have established three research cores, or platforms, to support the research: Biorepository/Biomedical Informatics Core, the Collaboration Core and the Institutional Review Board and Human Protection Core. Through this partnership, UMHS and PUHSC aim to create a platform for scientists to speed up the process of transforming scientific research into practical use, so that more patients from around the world can benefit from the research outcomes. 



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Written by: Yan Binghan
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PUHSC News