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PKU, Australia-China Council sign MOU, introduce chair professor

Peking University, Apr. 29, 2011: Peking University Executive Vice President Wu Zhipan and the Australia-China Council (ACC) President Mark Wainwright signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the ”Peking University - BHP Billiton Ltd Chair Professor of Australia Research Project” on April 27.


The move aims to encourage and facilitate collaborations between PKU and Australian researchers.


The Memorandum was signed in the presence of Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She was enthusiastic about the prospects of collaboration between Australia and the China on ways to improve mutual understandings. “The establishment of this Chair would contribute to the development of Australia Research in China and nourish the relationship between both Countries.”



Signing the Memorandum



Patrick Mayoh, an Australian exchange student representative, congratulated the signing of the Memorandum in his speech and he believed, “It’s important for China and Australia to keep learning from each other through academic communication and cooperation.”


Patrick Mayoh giving the speech



Other officials at present included Director of PKU Australian Studies Centre Professor Hu Zhuanglin, Chief Secretary of the Centre Professor Liu Shusen, Australian Ambassador to China Geoff Raby, and Australia-China Council Vice President Kevin Hobgood-Brown.



Extended Readings:

The Australia-China Counci l (ACC)

The Council was established by an Order of the Executive Council in 1978 for the purpose of promoting understanding and fostering "people-to-people" relations between Australia and China. The Chairperson of the ACC is appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, who also appoints the members of the ACC. Council funding is in the form of an annual budget allocation administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The ACC's annual allocation is approximately $750,000.


Peking University Australian Studies Centre  

The Australian Studies Centre of Peking University was organized through the joint efforts of the Australian Government's Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Australia's National Mutual Insurance Company (Hong Kong), and Peking University. It was formally opened on August 12, 1996.


The Australian Studies Centre is an academic institute for the study of Australian politics, economics, society, science and technology, culture and foreign relations. Its objective is to bring together specialists and scholars from Peking University and other schools - especially Australian institutions of higher education and other academic bodies - to advance research on Australia at Peking University and throughout China.



Written by: Wang Yimian
Edited by: Li Xiaomeng
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