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Love shown for Japan and Yunnan victims

The recent earthquake has proved to be among the most disastrous calamities of the 21st century. While Japanese people are still suffering from aftershocks, blizzards and the fatal nuclear radiation, the kind-hearted from all over the world, including Peking University (PKU) students, have stretched out their helping hands.  And Yingjiang of Yunnan Province, which was previously struck by another quake, will also receive their donations.



Peking University, Mar. 22, 2011: A huge earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit Japan near Honshu on March 11, 2011, bringing disastrous tsunami to the north part of Japan and leaving a great amount of damage. The homeless are waiting on the world for help.


The Division for International Student Affairs of the PKU Office of International Relations reacted quickly to the calamity by contacting with Japanese Student Association to show concern for and arrange consolation plans for Japanese students.



With assistance from the Association of China-Japan Communication (ACJC), PKU’s Division for International Student Affairs held a fund-raising activity for emergency relief aid to Japan, as well as to Yunnan Province, where another series of earthquakes struck from March 17 to 23. In front of Shaoyuan Guest House and Zhongguanyuan Global Village, crowds of youths queued up to participate.



During the fundraiser, the reporter held interviews with PKU students of different identities.



(R = reporter; S = students)


Interview with a member of ACJC


R: How is the donation going?


S: We were worried that it would conflict with school hours. What was worse, the notice was post nowhere but on the Bulletin Board System (BBS). However, things have gone quite well. This is only the third day [of the fundraiser], but we’ve already collected a large number of donations from students to teachers, all with warm hearts. Thanks to the Division for International Student Affairs, we were able to give a hand to the victims. As an incentive, those who take part in the survey are given a T-shirt designed by ACJC as a memento.


R: Do you have any other plans in addition to the fundraiser?


S: Of course. We asked the local police station for help and were amicably treated as guests. In addition, members are en route to Gulou Street and Wudaokou as well as other possible places off campus on March 25 and 26.



Interview with a Japanese student


R: How are you feeling?


S: I feel much better than several days ago. The Division for International Student Affairs was really concerned for us; this made a big difference for us as we dealt with the reality of the disaster. Luckily, I was able to get in touch with my parents and friends rather quickly and was glad to find out that they were safe. What bothers me now most is the nuclear pollution.


R: What do you think of the donation?


S: It’s awesome! No matter what department or grade the donators come from, each of them is very kind. To my astonishment, some of the donors even comforted us in Japanese. Though my Chinese is not good enough to express my deep gratitude, I’d like to take a bow and say “Xiexie” (which means “thanks” in Chinese).


R: I hope everything will be alright at home.



Interview with a Chinese donator


R: Why do you come here to donate? How are you feeling now?


S: Aware and sympathetic, as a human being; and full of responsibility and obligation, as a PKU student. It’s time we focus on helping those who have suffered and act as their fellow people. I feel fortunate to enjoy a peaceful life without natural disasters; what is a trife of an effort for me in this context can make a great contribution to the hit area.


R: Do you want to say something to the Japanese people, especially those of them who are studying at PKU?


S: In the end, tomorrow is another day. Summon up your courage to overcome the hardship. You are strong enough to pull through it. Come and tell us if anything remains to be done. Just remember, we are always right there, standing with you.



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Reported by: Li Nuoya
Edited by: Arthars