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PKU Scholars at Opening Ceremony of “Chinese Language Year” in Spain

Peking University, Beijing, Apr. 29, 2010: From Apr. 13 to 16, an expert panel organized by Hanban (executive body of the Chinese Language Council International) visited Spain at the launch of the “Chinese Language Year,” and attended an academic symposium entitled "the Dialogue between Chinese and Spanish civilization” in Madrid, the capital city.


The expert panel was headed by Professor Yuan Xingpei, Director of China’s Central Research Institute of Culture and History, Head of PKU Research Institute of Guoxue, and Dean of PKU International Training Base for Scholars of China Studies. The panel also included Cheng Yuzhui, professor of Department of Chinese Language and Literature and Director of Office of Humanities and Social Sciences of PKU, Zhao Zhenjiang, professor of PKU School of Foreign Languages (SFL), famous expert in research of Spanish language and literature, and first translator of the Spanish version A Dream of Red Mansions , Wang Jinmin, associate professor of Department of Philosophy, and Professor Liu Jian, Dean of the Spanish Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University.


It was a commitment between Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero in 2009 to sponsor language years in each other’s country as a project of cultural communication. The aim is to center on language and cultural promotion, in order to enhance the understanding between China and Spain. It also serves as an auspicious beginning for a deeper and broader level of cultural communication. Mr. Zhu Bangzao, Chinese Ambassador in Spain, specially gave a banquet to the expert panel and the delegation of Hanban.


On the morning of Apr. 14, the forum of the Dialogue between Chinese and Spanish Civilization was held in the Chamber Dome of Instituto Cervantes in Madrid, jointly organized by the Confucius Institute of China. As an important event of the series of activities during the Chinese Language Year in Spain, the forum was hosted by Ms. Carmen Caffarel, President of Instituto Cervantes and Ms. Xu Lin, Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, with the address from Mr. Zhu Bangzao.


At the forum, Professor Yuan Xingpei gave a keynote speech on the theme of “the Historical Revelation of the Chinese Civilization”, stressing that Chinese civilization has two inspirational messages for people of the 21st century, the first lays in peace and harmony while the second lays in the choice of tolerance the challenge of constraints.


Professor Yuan’s speech was followed by academic reports, covering “Translation and Dissemination of Cervantes in China” by Professor Zhao Zhenjiang, “Chinese Character: the Great Carrier of the Chinese Civilization” by Professor Cheng Yuzhui, “Language: Foundation of Cross-cultural Communication” by Professor Liu Jian and “The Premier Page of Humanities and Progress of Classics in China: Confucius and Ancient Chinese Classics” by Associate Professor Wang Jinmin.


As for the Spanish scholars, Fernandez, Academic Director of Instituto Cervantes delivered a speech on “Instituto Cervantes and Promotion of Spanish and Portuguese Culture”. Also, Professor from Autonomous University of Madrid gave a speech on “Marsella and Liberty”, along with “Development of the Spanish Language in Asia-Pacific Region” by Mr. Otero, Dean of Department of Language and Literature, Elcano Royal Institute, “Confucius, Cervantes and the Enlightenment” by Mr. Munoz, an expert on China studies, etc.


After the forum, PKU scholars visited the Confucius Institute jointly founded by University of Granada (UG) and Peking University in Granada, famous city in South Spain. Under the arrangement of Ms. Xu Tong and Dr. Fan Ye, director on the Chinese part and professor of PKUSFL, Professor Zhao gave a lecture on “Translation of Ancient Chinese Poems” at the Translation Department of University of UG, while Associate Professor Wang Jinmin gave a lecture on “Interpretation of Chinese Philosophy and Classics” at its Department of Literature and Philosophy. On the welcome dinner for PKU scholars, President of UG commended the Spanish translation of A Dream of Red Mansions as a marked achievement of the cooperation between UG and PKU that had a leading position in Spanish academia.


Confucius Institute of Granada is one of the four established Confucius Institutes in Spain. Under the leadership of both the Chinese and Spanish directors, it has scored amazing achievement in both Chinese teaching and the promotion of Chinese culture. Dr. Fan Ye, Director of the institute on the Chinese part, has been honored as “Outstanding Director” by Hanban, due to his efforts.


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Translated by: Sherry Chu
Edited by: Jacques
Source: PKU News (Chinese)