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Peking University Weiming Forum and Charity Dinner Held in L.A.

Peking University, Beijing, Apr. 14, 2010: On April 4th, the Peking University Weiming Forum (Los Angeles 2010) and the charity dinner took place in Pasadena, CA. PKU President Zhou Qifeng, along with a PKU representative team, members of the Peking University Alumni Association of Southern California (PUAASC) and other guests, a total of 150 people, attended the event.

President Zhou presented a speech titled "Peking University's Fast-paced Development", which reviewed the progress PKU has made on the way to becoming a world-class university. By borrowing from actual examples and results from surveys, President Zhou introduced PKU's main idea, measures taken and achievements on the development of various disciplines, innovations on scientific researches, employees and faculty training, social services, international exchange, fundamental structures, etc.

President Zhou continued to say that the goal for PKU in the next 10 years is to further speed up the process of development. He then thanked the alumni and friends of the University for their unconditional support and hoped this would continue in the future. His speech was followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Following President Zhou's speech was a charity auction. The earnings of this auction totaled more than $40,000 and would be donated to the PKU Education Foundation (U.S.) to fund the "PUAASC Scholarship and Financial Aid Foundation". This Foundation will award $800 per student to those who are in dire need of financial assistance, so they can complete their education with outstanding grades and become leaders of their field after the completion of their degree. President Zhou also handwrote the Chinese idiom "Jian Rong Bing Bao" (all-embracing) on a piece of calligraphy paper, which is symbolic of the PKU spirit, and presented it as a gift to PUAASC.

Chen Zhunmin, the education counselor of the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, CA, director of the U.S.-China Exchange Counsel, Gu Yanshi, CEO of Amsino International Inc., Li Ya and many other distinguished guests addressed the audience.

Afterwards, President Zhou presented "Prominent Alumni Award" to veteran alumni, Ms. Wang Lizhen, whose daughter is a member of the counsel of PUAASC, and Mr. Yin Danian, who is the director and is also named the lifetime honorary director of PUAASC.

Before the end of the event, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, California Institute of Technology and University of Southern California and many more scholars from institutes of higher education presented President Zhou with gifts.

This event was organized by PUAASC. Liu Xiang, Chairman of PUAASC, made the opening speech. Director of PUAASC, Chang Jin, and Beijing Television Station show "Intelligent Life" host, Zhang Qing, both hosted this event. Los Angeles radio station, FM 1300, DJ Zhao Guangyu hosted the charity auction. Lotus Hygiene Systems Inc., Merrill Lynch consultants Pan Qingqing and Wu Xiaoping, the Himalaya Foundation, Amsino International Inc., Textiles Plus, East West Bank, Yang Weining, Mr. and Mrs. Chen Dong, China UnionPay, the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC), Ms. Chen Ying and many other sponsors supported this event.

PKU Assistant to the President, Li Yansong, PKU Education Foundation Secretary General Deng Ya, PKU Alumni Association Deputy Secretary General, Xu Zheng, and many others attended the Forum and charity dinner.


President Zhou Making Keynote Speech


President Zhou and Students from Southern California


President Zhou Presenting Gifts to Major Contributors


President Zhou and Directors and Executives of PUAASC 


Translated by: An Jiang 
Edited by: Seren
Source: PKU News (Chinese)