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China-South Korea Social Transformation Seminar Opens at PKU

Peking University, Beijing, Dec 15, 2009: The first annual academic seminar themed “China-South Korea Social Transformation” was held on November 28th in Peking University (PKU). The seminar was initiated by Peking University’s Department of Sociology and Seoul National University.


The scholars conducted lively discussions on the rapid social transformation in China and Korea. In the seminar for professors, sociology professors from PKU presented their extensive research regarding the transitional China. Professor Xie Lizhong made a speech titled, “Beijing Consensus: A Lesson from the Past or A Strategy for the Future?” Professor Yang Shanhua discussed “The Use of ICT Product and the ‘white-collarization’ of the White-collars: A Perspective from Everyday Life”. Professor Liu Aiyu spoke on “Job Satisfaction: A Comparison between Rural-workers and Urban-workers”.  Professor Lu Jiehua talked about “Gerontological Training and Research: China’s Experience”. Professor Zhu Xiaoyang presented a paper on “Brown Fields, Ill fields and Losing Farmlands: A Re-study of a Village Near Dianchi”. Professor Xiong made a speech on “Social change and social policy in transitional China: National adaptation to global challenge”and Professor Liu Neng discussed “Locating Changes in Contemporary ContextsSome Theoretical Thoughts on Chinese Mass Collective Actions”. Professor Han Xiangzhen from University of Seoul shared his research on “Dual Structuration of Middle Class Politics in Mainland China and South Korea: Focusing on Citizens’ Initiatives and Democratic Orientation”  Scholars from South Korea also shared their research results in the seminar: Professor Anthony Woodiwiss on “Contemporary Western social theory through the looking glass and what is found there”; Professor Hong Doucheng on “Consumption Culture of the Korean Middle Class:Towards Implications of Cultural Capital and Social Capital for Consumption Culture”; Professor Xu Erzhong on “The development of Sociology of Information in Korea”; Professor Ju Renhui on “The Emerging Welfare State in Korea: Is it really neo-liberal?”. Professor Xie Lizhong and Yang Shanhua from PKU and Professor Han Xiangzhen and Zheng Genzhi from Seoul National University presided over the seminar.


Graduates from the two universities also joined in hot discussion aftewards. Hu Wei discussed “The Art of the Government Management from the Case Study of YW Labor Union”. Li Huadou talked about “Social Security and the Social Transformation in China”. Yin Zhongxi from Seoul National University gave a speech on “About a social right of nongmingong since 2000s”. Li Duohui spoke on “Toward a design Seoul:spatial imajineering and urban regeneration”. Zhu Xianzhi talked about “Post IMF Korean bank industry:focused on the form of employment changes”. Liu Minxiang presented on “Labor market participation and depression among the elderly”. Li Yuanzhen spoke on “Welfare dynamics in Korea: determinants of welfare exit”.


This seminar was the first large-scale academic communication between the sociology scholars of the two universities. The discussions were very constructive and fruitful and participants considered it necessary to hold such activities to promote academic exchange and mutual learning. Both parties hoped such activities would continue in the future.


Translated by: Han Yafei

Edited by: Connie Chang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)