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PKU and USC Sign i-Podium Educational Cooperation Program

Peking University, Beijing, May 25th, 2009: Signing Ceremony of i-Podium Educational Cooperation Program between College of Engineering of Peking University and USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering was held in the University Office Building. Chinese representatives at the signing event included Executive Vice President Lin JianHua, Dean of College of Engineering Chen ShiYi, Vice Dean Fang DaiYu and others; USC representatives included Dean of Viterbi School of Engineering Dr. Yannis Yortsos, USC’s delegate in China Mr. Christopher Leung, USC professors Dr. Stephen Lu, Dr. Raghu Raghavendra and Dr. Angus Mccol.

i-Podium Educational Cooperation Signing Ceremony

According to Dr. Lu, the i-Podium Program is a third-generation educational system which breaks through territorial barriers with the help of new technologies like web-broadcasting to allow students to benefit top quality education from around the world. Under this new system, Chinese and US students will be able to take the same courses and interact via video streaming resulting in a true boundless course.

Dr. Lu described the i-Podium Proram as a bridge connecting the educational system between the two countries, it would provide a platform for endless opportunities; and once the program is launched it will surely attract more countries and universities forming a new Global Educational System. Lu also explained details such as team organization, fees and charges, as well as precise plans for the following two years.

Executive Vice President Lin JianHua expressed that under today’s global development situation, the collaboration between US and China is vital. Lin commented i-Podium’s creativeness, saying it is a smart use of the educational resources and will provide more opportunities for talented students.

Under the effects of the economic crisis, US education has been bent towards favoring humanities and engineering, said Dr. Yannis Yortsos. He believes that the future for the field of engineering is bright, and globalization also makes international cooperation even more important.

Finally, the dean of College of Engineering Chen ShiYi shared a few ideas on the importance of partnership between PKU and USC. PKU’s goal is to train future leaders in the engineering field, to lead China out of the “world factory” stereotype. The US is highly experienced in this area, so Chen believes much can be gained through this corporation.

The signing ceremony between the two universities was carried out successfully under a relaxed atmosphere.

Signing Ceremony Between Two Engineering Schools


Group Photo with all the Leaders

Leaders from both schools discussed the details of the i-Podium program and reached an agreement on many issues. Dean Chen emphasized that this program is much more significant than a simple educational exchange. It creates a platform for the elite Chinese and US engineers of the future and will promote the relationship between the two countries on a higher level.


Edited by: Cai Ying

Translated by: Connie Chang

Source: Beida News (Chinese)