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ICST of PKU Wins Best Team Award of Honeynet Project

Peking University, Beijing, April 24th, 2009: The Project Group “Artemis“ from the Engineering Research Center of Information Security of the Institute of Computer Science & Technology (ICST) of Peking University, was assessed to be one of the top 3 groups for 2008 in all 32 Chapters of the Honeynet Project around the world.


The Honeynet Project, set up in 1999 by the famous information security expert Lance Spitzner, is a well-known global non-profit research alliance institutions in information security. There are 32 chapters from all over the world in the organization, including the Global Honeynet Group, where Fyodor, author of the famous open source software Nmap , Niels Provos, director-class engineer of Google, director of USENIX Association and Chairman of Security '07 Conference and other well-known experts are working, and the other two of the top 3 groups for 2008, German Honeynet Giraffe Group and New Zealand Honeynet Group. The Honeynet Project is committed to development and application of technology to enhance Internet security, and was awarded one of the 59 most influential individuals and organizations in IT security.


The Engineering Research Center of Information Security of ICST established Artemis Honeynet Project Group in 2004 and joined the Honeynet Project in 2005 as the onlychapter in Mainland China, entitled “The Honeynet Project Chinese Chapter.” The Artemis Group, led by Dr.Zhuge Jianwei, has been focusing on honeynet technologies and their applied researches and commitment to the National 863 Program, the National 242 Information Security plan research projects and many other national research projects. It has made positive contributions to the improvement of Internet security in China, including the construction of the Matrix Distributed Honeynet System in China for the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team / Coordination Center of China(CNCERT / CC), the actual discovery and assist in the disposal of the Dasher Worm’s outbreak, Mocbot zombie networks, and many other important Internet security incidents.

Edited By: Seren
Translated By: Chen Zhenxia
Source: PKU News (Chinese)