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PKU Students Participate in 2009 Leadership on the Edge Program

Peking University, Beijing, April 21st, 2009: From March 14th to April 5th, six students from Peking University participated, along with Robert Swan and other students abroad, in the 8th annual Leadership on the Edge program held by the 2041 organization (www.2041.com) and the first annual Leadership on the Edge program co-sponsored by 2041 and BP(www.expedition-antarctic-2009.com ). The six participants from PKU are all members of the Clean Development Mechanism club (CDM).


       2009 has been a year with breakthrough for the two expedition teams for Antarctic Expeditions. The sixty some members came from 30 different countries. Peng JianXiong, Yi Ru and Jiang Yi were sponsored by the Coca Cola Company and formed the Chinese Student representation team of seven in the expedition from March 14th to 27th. Du TingTing, Zhao ChunHong and Li LiNa were selected and sponsored by BP (British Petroleum Co.Ltd) to attend the 2041&BP Inspire Antarctic Expeditions lasting from March 25th to April 6th. This year China had 14 representatives participating in the Inspire Antarctic Expeditions compared to only one student last year. The Chinese team has also set up a blog on Sohu.com, recording their thoughts and pictures from the triphttp://antarcticachina.blog.sohu.com.



Group photo after docking at the South Pole


Six members from PKU’s CDM club


Photo of Chinese participants from PKU, Tsinghua, HKU and other universities


2041 is the year of the expiration of the Environmental Protocol of the Antarctic Treaty. Swan has devoted the past twenty years to protecting the Antarctic environment and developing 2041 projects. Since 2003, this voyager who has walked to the north and south poles had since organized the Inspire Antarctica Expedition-Leadership on the Edge. Each year, elite youth and business leaders are chosen from around the world to experience first-handedly the great effects climate changes have on both humans and South Pole’s ecosystem. During their stay at the South Pole, participants from different countries discuss issues of climate changes and energy problems.


8th annual Inspire Antarctica Expedition group photo prior to departure


2041&BP2009 Leadership on the Edge group photo


Melting glaciers


       After their journey, the Chinese members returned to share their experience in schools and enterprises to promote preservation of the environment. Those students will also be participating in the 2010 Expo City Environmental Project Opening Ceremony on the 28th of April, and will be named “Expo City Environmental Protection Ambassadors” by the Coca Cola Company. In the meantime, the CDM seminar will participate and assist in next year’s Leadership on the Edge – Chinese regional auditions.


Edited by: Cai Ying

Translated by: Connie Chang

Source: Beida news (Chinese)