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Asian Future Political Leaders Association Beijing Forum held at PKU

Peking University, Sep. 19, 2014: From August 6th to August 11th, the Asian Future Political Leaders Association (AFPLA) Beijing Forum was held at Peking University (PKU/Beida), which marked the 8th anniversary this Northeast Asiahigh-end student summit.


Over 120 delegates from Peking University, Fudan University, Seoul National University, University of Tokyo and National Taiwan University joined in this year’s forum. Along with their participation, several distinguished guests from the English-Language Global Times, Lancare International Health Group, Mylike Aesthetic Plastic Hospital Group, China Silver Industry Association also presented in the opening and closing ceremony.


Delegates were divided into 5 groups discussing issues varying from Japan’s amendment of peaceful constitution, the TPP Agreement, female rights and patriarchal society, etc. They were able to perform discussions with high quality, and they were given the chance to exchange thoughts and promote understanding through culture parties and sightseeing, which were believed to lay the foundation for future trust and friendship.


This year, AFPLA tried different ways to innovate this student summit. For example, some divisions brought role-playing into their discussions to simulate real conditions; and we were connected to 5 professors to help brainstorm and structuralizethe outlines. Apart from academia, AFPLA attempted to arrange official visit to typical enterprises and organizations like Tai Kang and Lenovo, who would enhance our understanding of the relationship between government, enterprise and society in East Asia.


“We representatives from each university are all good friends of each other, so does our staffs”, the representative of AFPLA Peking University Wang Moru mentioned several times during this Forum. For them, all the topics and academic discussions are one thing, but the sense of love and brotherhood is another, which goes far beyond the 6-day forum and projects an everlasting influence over their generation. “For me, many AFPLA people regarded AFPLA as a community and a family, and it naturally corresponds with the tradition of this region.”


An end is also a new start. All of AFPLA people are looking forward to participating in the 9th Tokyo Forum next year.


Background Info:


The Asian Future Political Leaders Association (AFPLA)was established in 2007, which has its branch in 5 Northeast Asia Universities including Peking University. Its aim is to discuss current issues in this region with an academic approach, while in the main time promote understanding between the next generation. Apart from the AFPLA annual forum, AFPLA Peking University is also seeking further corporation with local student organizations as well as Easy Thinking Association and Global Initiative Symposium from Taiwan.


Source: AFPLA Peking University


Reported by: Zhong Lingu


Edited by: Zhang Jiang