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PKU scholars attends the Trilateral Conference between Northeast Asia & US

Peking University, Apr 17, 2014: The Trilateral Conference between Northeast Asia & USA was hosted in Seoul, the capital of Korea on April 3rd and 4th, 2014.

Organized by the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS), the School of International Studies of Peking University and the Brookings Institution of the United States, the conference was divided into two parts: the private session and the open debate.The private session was held on April 3rd. Scholars from these two institutions shared their views on five topics including the Korean issue, America’s Asia Rebalancing strategy, the Japan issue, the Central Europe & Asia, the future of Asia and global economy. They had a deep discussion over these heated issues around the Asia-Pacific area.

On the second day, the open debate was joined by professors and researchers from Peking University, Fudan University, the Brookings Institution and some Korean universities. They made speeches and shared their different opinions in a direct and open debate on three main topics of the conference this year, i.e. “Sino-US Relations: America’s Asia Rebalancing Strategy & A New Model of Major Power Relationship”, “The Challenge of Peace and Safety in Northeast Asia: Korean Peninsula, Japan and Disputes over Sea Power” and “The Future of Regional Economy in Northeast Asia: the Globalization of RMB, TPP & FTAs”. Commonality was formed during the clash of different opinions.

Supported by the Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies, the conference was the first session of the trilateral talk among China, Korea and the USA under the collaboration of the School of International Studiesof Peking University, KFAS and the Brookings Institution of America. According to the original schedule, the second and third sessions will be held respectively in Washington and Beijing.

Source: http://pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xywh/2014-04/15/content_282313.htm
Written by: Zhang Ruichen
Edited by: Li Chiyang