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Undergraduates from PKU COE Attend Cross-Cultural Design Workshop in Stanford University

Peking University, Beijing, Mar. 17th, 2009: Twelve undergraduate students of College of Engineering of Peking University went to Stanford University to attend the PKU-Stanford Cross-Cultural Design Workshop led by Professor Han Pingchou from March 5 to 9.

     The PKU teachers and students gained a warm welcome in Stanford University during this program. They visited the campus of Stanford University, the headquarters of Google Inc., the commercial planning company Jump, and the Design & Engineering Company—IDEO to learn the modern enterprises’ new concepts of cross-cultural creative design. Together with twelve students from Stanford University, the PKU students had the curriculum training of cross-cultural design, and started the PKU-Stanford Cross-Cultural Design Workshop of this semester. This workshop aims to solve the problems in related companies in the perspectives of product design combined with cultural differences through the cooperation between the students from two universities.

     This workshop has attracted the attentions of both the universities and the corporations. Google Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., Panasonic Corporation, and TCL have provided six product design tasks which needed the students to complete them through teamwork. The PKU-Stanford Cross-Cultural Design Workshop will last for one semester. From March 22 to 26, Stanford University will send a delegation to PKU too. During this period, professors from Stanford University will give three curriculum trainings to related students and provide guidance of household surveys to them. After this, the two sides will carry out the study of design curriculums and the work on enterprise projects. The workshop will be ended in early June. By then, the students of the two sides will have a joint oral defense through teleconference in their universities respectively.

     This workshop is another cooperative project with the world-class university for PKU College of Engineering since the combined training of the postgraduate with Georgia Institute of Technology. Through international exchange and combined training, PKU College of Engineering will provide a broader international perspective and a high-standard cooperative platform for students so as to promote their creative thinking and practical abilities.


Edited By : Cai Ying
Translated By : Su Juan
Source :
Beida news (Chinese)