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PKU Professor Dong Qiang awarded La Grande medaille de la Francophonie

Peking University, Dec. 11, 2013: Professor Dong Qiang from the Department of French, PKU was awarded La Grande medaille de la Francophonie, one of the most important awards of the French Academy on December 5th.

Professor Dong Qiang awarded the medal

Rouart, the executive dean of the French Academy made a remark on Professor Dong's achievements. Professor Dong Qiang was a pioneer in French writing, French poems publishing as a Chinese scholar in France. He also assisted to set up the publishing house called "China Blue" in Paris, which had become an important medium for people from the French-speaking countries to understand Chinese literature and culture.

Academically, Professor Dong did groundbreaking and authoritative researches on Henry Michaud, a well-known French writer and painter, as well as the symbolism of the 19th century literature and art trends of the 20th century in the field of French literature and art.

He also contributed to the exchange between Chinese and French literature. In recent years, he translated a number of works on French literature, philosophy and art, introducing to the Chinese readers masterpieces of prestigious people such as the founder of Surrealism Andre Breton, the world's master in literature Milan Kundera, and the 2008 Nobel Prize winner Le Clezio. He also translated and published some of the classics of Chinese civilization, such as "The Analects", "Selected Poems of Li Bai" and some contemporary Chinese literary works into French.

Professor Dong Qiang

After the award ceremony, Professor Dong Jiang, accompanied by the tenured Secretary-General Carroll Germany Ang Kesi and his wife, stepped into the French Academy and accepted the tribute from the honor guard of the French Republic–the highest courtesy of the French Republic.

Background Info

French Academy, founded in 1635, is aimed to attract titans in the field of French literary and intellectual in order to defend and promote the French language and culture. French literary giants and thinkers such as La Fontaine, Montesquieu, Chateaubriand, Victor Hugo, Balzac, Dumas, etc., are among the academicians. After entering the era of the Republic, the President and the Secretary of various faculties in French Academy are appointed by the president.

French Academy awards 60 awards annually, covering all aspects of the humanities, arts, and science. These awards are of the highest authority. " La Grande medaille de la Francophonie " ranks second in all awards and is with respectable academic status.

Written by: Chen Runxi
Edited by: Zhu Wenjia
Source: PKU News (Chinese)