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PKU joins Sino-US eco pool

Peking University, July 16, 2013: The signing ceremony of U.S.-China Eco-Partnerships Program was held in the United States Department of State on July 11th Eastern Time U.S.. Peking University Water Center (PUWC), New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and American Institute of Chemical Engineers signed the letter of intent to work together to push forward the program.


Among the present guests were State Councilor of China State Council Yang Jiechi, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, the American Ambassador to China Gary Locke.


U.S.-China Eco-Partnerships Program is a platform established to promote the cooperation of green innovation between Chinese local government and various organizations and those of the United States. The program aims at carrying out technology cooperation and experiences exchanging, furthermore, promoting the sustainable development of energy security, economy and environment by encouraging the partnership formed between local governments, enterprises and research institutes in both countries. Till now, 24 partnerships have formed in the frame of the program, including Peking University Water Center.



Representatives at the signing ceremony: Professor Zheng Chunmiao, Chairman of PUWC (front, 1st left), State Councilor Yang Jiechi (front, 5th left), Deputy Secretary of State William Burns (front, 6th left)



Professor Zheng Chunmiao from PUWC and Professor Nada Anid from NYIT exchanging letter of intent


The signing of this letter of intent embarked the cooperation between PUWC and NYIT as partners. The partnership aims to preserve the sustainability of the environment and to protect groundwater of both countries, which tallies with the top concern stipulated in U.S.-China Framework for the Ten Year Cooperation on Energy and Environment–clean water. After the negotiation, PUWC and NYIT will launch a series of programs in technology innovations in groundwater monitoring, simulation and prevention of pollution, etc. Meanwhile, sustainable utilization and management of groundwater is also of great concern, the research of which will help reduce the negative economic and environmental effects coming from overexploitation of groundwater. Various methods such as research, pilot exemplification, seminars and trainings will be adopted to promote cooperation and exchange between governments, universities and companies.


Background: Peking University Water Center was founded in 2006, aiming at promoting the development of water-related disciplines of Peking University and the exchange with top research institutes of water resources. Website: http://hydro.pku.edu.cn/


Written by: Li Chiyang

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)