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Computer changes scientific research

Peking University, June 5, 2013: Christos Papadimitriou, professor from the University of California, Berkeley, visited Peking University (PKU) from May 22 to 25.


On May 23, Professor Papadimitriou delivered a lecture entitled “Arithmetic View: How Does the Calculating Way of Thinking Changes Scientific Research” at the Tan Siu Lin Center for International Studies. He emphasized that computer science, especially the development of arithmetic, has been changing the scientific research as an indispensable, “mathematics-like” tool in related fields. He also introduced some latest applications of arithmetic in mathematics, physics, biology and economics.


Prof. Papadimitriou's speech


Afterwards on May 24, PKU President Wang Enge, who thought highly of Papadimitriou’s academic achievements in computer science, had a meeting with him.


During his visit, Professor Papadimitriou attended a series of conferences with the staff and students from the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at PKU, discussing some specific problems on scientific research.


A meeting with PKU staff members


Background Info:


Professor Christos Papadimitriou was born in Greece in 1949. He got his Doctor’s degree at Princeton University, and has successively taught at some other renowned prestigious institutions like Harvard University, MIT, and Stanford University. His research is mainly on the complexion of arithmetic and its multiple applications.


Written by: Jin Panzhu

Edited by: Arthars

Source: EECS